Confidex Partners with Environics Applied Sciences Inc.

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Confidex Partners with Environics Applied Sciences Inc.

Solution provides management with real-time analytics to ensure 24/7 operational performance!

Confidex, a global leader of short range wireless solutions for the transportation, logistics, automotive and manufacturing industries, announced today a new strategic partnership with Environics Applied Sciences Inc.

The two companies have collaborated to develop an innovative wireless solution designed to monitor the condition of industrial equipment, while providing management with real-time analytics to ensure 24/7 operational performance.

16 Oct 2023 - ECO Hook M

Turkish R&D company Environics Applied Sciences Inc. has patented its vibration analysis solution known as Able System® that identifies the conditions of machinery but also the components within those machines in industrial environments.

Founded in 2019, Environics developed its solution to identify vibration, temperature or other conditions related to each piece of equipment at a manufacturing or industrial site, and also provide reporting and other analytics that help company management predict and respond to equipment needs. The result for production managers or industrial sites is assurance that any potential failure in equipment can be diagnosed and addressed before a costly breakdown.

At the center of the Able Systems® solution is the Confidex ruggedized UHF RFID tag. The Ironside Micro boasts a small footprint – just 27 millimeters square – for application to a wide variety of equipment or components even where space is limited. Available in both UHF and HF/NFC versions, the tags can sustain temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius (185 degrees Fahrenheit) and come with IP68 rating, optimized for challenging environments and application on metal.

“We tested many RFID tags on the market, but we needed a hard tag that could resist oil, mechanical pressures, temperature,” said Tarık Uçar, Environics Applied Sciences Cofounder. The best product for this demanding application came from Confidex.”

16 Oct 2023 - Pacer

Among more than 100 companies in Turkey leveraging this cutting-edge solution is Pasabahce, the third largest glassware manufacturer in the world. With the solution, companies not only know what equipment conditions are, but what those conditions mean. This prevents failure based on the prognosis of motors, pumps, turbines, gear boxes, or any other equipment. And the data can be collected without any physical intervention.

Traditionally, companies use sensors to measure vibration, heat or other conditions, and then manually collect the measurements and conduct their own analysis to identify any potential problems. “The problem with traditional technology is it depends on human knowledge. These systems are also not compatible with Industry 4.0. Autonomy is the difference between Able System® and other vibration analysis systems,” continues Uçar.

With the Able System®, each tag can be programmed to store information about the conditions for specific equipment such as the type of bearings or gears for a machine. When users capture data from the tags with a handheld device, necessary information of a vibration analysis for that piece of equipment are captured along with sensor measurements. Within about two minutes, operators or management can view the resulting measurement and diagnosis and understand the conditions for that piece of equipment.

For industrial environments, this intelligence makes all the difference in understanding the operation of critical production equipment. With the help of the Confidex RFID tags, Environics offers its customers a sophisticated early warning system to keep their operations running efficiently.

“The rugged design of the Ironside tags is perfect for the demanding industrial conditions this innovative, vibration analysis application is operating in,” said Paul Broekhuizen, Executive Vice President of Confidex Smart Industries. The strong partnership between the two companies ensured the development and piloting were successful.”



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