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Confidex partners with Thales to launch a Flexible Clap Card

The two companies have created a flexible, CLAP-compliant system to replace magnetic tickets!

Confidex, a leading designer and supplier of short range wireless identification solutions, and Thales, a world leader in digital security, have formed an exclusive, strategic partnership to develop flexible smart media for Calypso-based systems.

Under the terms of the agreement, Thales provides Confidex with a Gemalto’s Operating System that complies with the Calypso Light application (CLAP). CLAP is a shrunk version of Calypso, ideal for low-cost and high-volume contactless paper-based card used in public transport.

As an example, Paris region occasional riders have relied on magstripe tickets to access the Metro, the buses and the train for decades. Last year, Ile de France authorities announced plans to replace those tickets with two new types of fare media to offer new services. Thales and Confidex are offering a reloadable product to help reduce cost and waste associated with the more than 550 million magnetic tickets printed each year.

Confidex uses Gemalto’s software solutions to create a new category of microprocessor-based smart media. These products include durable contactless paper cards, embedded with a PET layer that reinforces the structure. This makes the product resistant to the harsh environments associated with transport applications.

Additionally, Confidex is working on the development of a plastic-free, Calypso-compliant contactless media platform. This supports the commitments made by Confidex, as well as its government and corporate customers, to support creation of a new global plastics economy using only recyclable and compostable materials.

“Combining our resources and competencies with those of Thales gives a foundation for Confidex to become a trusted supplier for CLAP-compliant paper-based products,” said Timo Lindström, CEO of Confidex. “With the technology that we are creating with Thales, public transport operators can develop their ticketing solutions and be ensured that a consistent high-quality supply of tickets is available. This cooperative innovation among Thales, Confidex and our customers help to further enhance the travel experience of both frequent and occasional travelers.”

“This partnership with Confidex provides a flexible and more sustainable smart media solution for transport and other applications. Thales, through Gemalto’s expertise in payment and ticketing continues to bring innovations to a constantly evolving market. ,” said Sylvie Gibert, SVP Payments Cards at Thales.

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