Confidex Provides Expertise for Automotive Industry White Book

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Confidex Provides Expertise for Automotive Industry White Book

Odette White Book: Implementing RFID in the Automotive Supply Chain!

A workgroup comprised of industry experts, including Confidex, has collaborated on an Odette white book that supports the automotive industry with RFID use in the supply chain. Odette, European automotive supply chain standardization group, drew from the experience of Confidex -- along with companies at the center of digital transformation for the automotive industry – to create Implementing RFID in the Automotive Supply Chain white book.

The document details the role of RFID technology in transforming the automotive industry supply chain, offering key recommendations and examples to create a seamless digital view of goods within the requirements of the industry.

16 Oct 2023 - ECO Hook M

Odette’s membership provides a platform for services and networking as well as standards to help automotive firms digitalize their supply chain. Confidex is a leader in automotive solutions; Its RFID, NFC and Bluetooth products serve today's challenges in the automotive supply chain including robust tagging for everything from large shipping containers to small automotive parts.

Odette designed its white book to help automotive industry members -- including project leaders and users, as well as integrators -- to adopt UHF RFID processes for supply chain management. The white book includes use cases for logistics and supply chain and addresses common issues.

“This white book was created in cooperation with the industry experts to support all related parties with successful RFID implementations,” says Lena Palm, Global Development Manager, Internal Logistics at Volvo Group Trucks Operations and Chairwoman for Odette Workgroup.

“This white book aims to go one step further than existing RFID recommendations to help our industry to implement RFID processes aligned with the requirements. This becomes even more important when such processes need to be implemented across different partners of the supply chain, in order to obtain good interoperability and avoid multiple solutions that could become a blocking point for industry suppliers.”

16 Oct 2023 - Pacer

“We were delighted to collaborate on this critical publication, and to leverage our years of experience in technology solutions for the automotive industry,” says Confidex’s Chris Romei, Sales Director Automotive – EMEA.

Download the Odette White Book here.

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