Founded on over a decade’s experience in industrial wireless identification, Confidex Viking™, is the industrial-grade Bluetooth beacon family based on Nordic Semiconductor nRF52-series Bluetooth Low Energy chipset. (Picture: Confidex)

Confidex VIKING™ Bluetooth® Beacons for Smart Industries

Locate and sense, through dust and rain, securely.

Confidex Viking™ Bluetooth beacons track the location of assets and people, with optional sensors for capturing environmental data. The market leader for industrial wireless identification, Confidex designed the Viking product line to be a modular beacon family that raises the bar for industrial asset tracking, indoor, outdoor locating and sensor telemetry applications.

Extreme ruggedness

  • Industrial-grade IP68 protected Confidex Viking™ and
  • Extra durable Confidex Viking Tough™

While Confidex Viking™ is the most rugged BLE beacon on the market, Confidex didn’t stop there and designed Confidex Viking Tough™ for applications where extended vibration and mechanical impact might impair other beacons. Whether there’s moisture, dust or mechanical impacts present that’s all fine, Confidex Viking™ beacons are designed to last.


Confidex Viking™ is built on modular set of features, all packaged into durable encasing. As our customer, you select the desired features and sensors to meet your specific use case. Using the Confidex configuration app, customers can securely activate and configure beacons to optimize battery life and performance. Confidex Viking™ beacons are truly optimized for your specific application.

Support for Eddystone™

Confidex Viking™ beacons come with support for Eddystone™, an open beacon format from Google. Beacons can be wirelessly configured to transmit one or multiple Eddystone™ frame formats Eddystone-UID™, Eddystone-URL™, Eddystone-TLM™ and Eddystone-EID™. You can expect reading distances up to 200m or 650 feet.

Secure and tamper-proof BLE

Confidex Viking™ was designed with security in mind. Confidex Viking™ beacons has integrated secure NFC interface for configuration and does not allow changing of configuration through the Bluetooth interface. Confidex Viking™ beacons are also turned on/off through the NFC interface which prevents malicious turning off of beacons in public environments. Eddystone-EID™ highly secure identity further ensures the security of your solution over the Bluetooth interface.

Designed to last

Confidex Viking™ beacons have no buttons or opening parts which means no chance for water or dust going in. Confidex Viking™ beacons’ sealed mechanical structure is not compromised at any point during the use. This makes your industrial and outdoor applications work reliably for years as unnecessary points of failure are removed.

  • Battery life time up to 10 years!
  • Rugged, impact resistant industrial-grade materials

Compliant with Wirepas Mesh

Confidex Viking™ beacons are also compliant with Wirepas Connectivity – the easy-to-use de-centralized network management solution.

And finally, proven

Confidex industrial wireless identification technology is used every day in demanding industrial applications. The world’s leading Manufacturers, Transportation & Logistics Providers, Technology Companies, and Hospitals trust Confidex industrial products for their mission-critical data. Confidex Viking™ beacons add to our portfolio of durable and dependable products to meet your business needs.

VIDEO DEMO: Configuring Confidex VIKING™ beacons via demo app

Check out this video on the product page to take a quick look on what is industrial-grade Confidex VIKING™ Bluetooth beacon, how it can be configured via secure NFC and what it's able to transmit.

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