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E-magazine RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 02/2022

IoT Data Transfer and Connectivity

The future of industrial interoperability is based on the secure transmission of data. The interfaces between OT (operational technology)- and IT (information technology) must function interoperably. This applies to all levels - from the sensor to the cloud. Interoperable data transfer is the essential key to successful digitization.

End-to-end data transfer is based on standardized horizontal data communication. Standardization leads to the harmonization of the process and factory industry as a whole. AI applications and robotics technologies can be efficiently integrated into harmonized processes.

The standardized interoperability of data and applications from different systems, enables networking between different actors, devices, plants, machines or systems. The data transfer and data exchange of these different systems generates controllable, predictive, relevant and measurable and controllable processes. The result is the connectivity of these systems.

Simulation, process and plant planning, and digital twins are also based on data collection and connectivity of the plants.

OPC UA provides a secure, open, IEC-based framework with the ability to model and securely transport data. OPC UA also enables the integration of enabling technologies such as 5G, IEEE's TSN or Ethernet APL and SPE.


IO-Link Wireless is an extension of IO-Link on the physical level and refers to wireless communication between sensors/actuators and the IO-Link master, which is connected to the controller (PLC) via a fieldbus.
Groupe Renault

Groupe Renault's plan is to implement the use of OPC UA-enabled devices and equipment at all production sites worldwide.
deister electronic

Commander Connect is the central software for all deister electronic solutions. It is where all connected devices are brought together and managed, and where all strands of information come together - notifications, alarms, messages about technical problems and more.

Innovative technology from DENSO makes logistics processes leaner, faster and more efficient. ORiN is our IoT data management platform, which provides a middleware with which information from various automation devices can be collected.

Enabling central control of all labelling processes, LogoSoft is Logopak's industrial middleware solution for print & apply systems.
Think Wireless IoT

Santander uses sensor-based solutions throughout the city. All captured data is managed via a central platform and made available to numerous applications and stakeholders as needed.

HID Location Services is a location engine powered by a Bluetooth to Wi-Fi network, delivering location-aware data to address people, high-valued assets and equipment applications under a single IoT umbrella.

AutoID technologies, such as RFID or RTLS, are seamlessly integrated by CrossTalk into existing back-end systems or implemented directly into new applications for the transparent control of material flows.

The middleware IDeTRUST® can decode and simultaneously verify the encrypted data via the secure connection to the database during traffic controls.
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