Die Digitalisierung mit RFID- und Wireless-IoT-Lösungen

RFID & Wireless IoT Lösungen verbinden on- und Offline-Welten im Handel, sichern Waren im Store, schützen Brands vor Produktpiraterie und schaffen neue Einkaufserlebniswelten. Und das ist der Anfang. In diesem Bereich präsentieren wir Ihnen umfassendes Expertenwissen zum Einsatz von innovativen Technologien im Handel.

Modelogistik & EAS

Das polnische Fashion- Unternehmen LPP setzt auf RFID-Hard-Tags, um physischen Diebstahlschutz und Supply-Chain- Optimierungen zu erreichen – und das ist nur der Anfang des „RFID-Programms“.
Dynamische Preisanpassungen

All4Labels Global Packaging Group treibt neue Business-Strategie ‚Smart for Fashion‘ mit dynamischen Preis-Tags, Label Intelligence Solutions und Label Intelligence Platform voran.
Anja Van Bocxlaer
Anja Van Bocxlaer

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Wireless Technologies for the Retail Industry

Especially in the textile business, wireless technology has long moved into the retail industry. Availability in the store and online is monitored and updated via a network of transponders, readers, and a cloud that can be accessed manually or that automatically sets processes in motion, for example to restock inventory.

Items can be tracked and located via wireless technologies like RFID, creating transparency in the supply chain.

All articles in this section have been selected with care to not only provide you with information about certain projects but also to give you the opportunity to find the exact fit of supplier, product, or solution for your own project.

A unique customer experience

In order to guarantee a convenient shopping experience, stores can implement applications like smart mirrors or fitting rooms that monitor items (and can detect possible manipulation) and recommend complementary items or provide information about size and color availability. Innovative customer interaction (through virtual shop assistants) can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With dynamic prices, stores can adjust more easily to the market, competitors, and the customer needs.

Improved security

Wireless technologies provide security in the retail industry: Item tagging (source tagging right from the production) can help prevent theft or counterfeiting and unveil tampering. With mobile or short-range payment methods (NFC), data remains secure, transactions are documented, and the payment process is faster and easier.

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