RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021 am 20. & 21. Oktober in Wiesbaden bei Frankfurt
Wireless IoT Technologien
Think Wireless IoT Day 05/2021: Livestream am 7. September ab 09:30 MESZ

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Themenschwerpunkte der Fachvorträge Wireless IoT Technologien

  • Mobile Netzwerke 4G & 5G
  • RFID und NFC
  • Cloud Services
  • RTLS mit UWB
  • WiFi und BLE
  • Sensorik

In Zusammenarbeit mit:

  • LAB ID
  • EM Microelectronic
  • Silicon Saxony
  • Kathrein Solutions
  • 5G-Industry Campus Europe/Fraunhofer IPT
  • Siemens
  • Semtech
Die Aufnahmen dieser Vorträge sind verfügbar!
Silicon Saxony
Semiconductor Shortage
Frank Bösenberg
Managing Director, Silicon Saxony
Better Together – Semiconductor Production in a Globalized World
  • Silicon Saxony Ecosystem: Settlement of Bosch and Jenoptik
  • Distribution of chip production worldwide
  • Perspective on chip shortage in the next months until 2022
  • Results of the CoolRFID project
Roelof Koopmans
Roelof Koopmans
Senior Director Strategic Alliances Solution Partners LoRa-IOT, Semtech
LoRaWAN: what’s new on long range wireless and geo-location for IoT?
  • LoRaWAN wireless protocol for long range and low power IoT applications
  • New generation Semtech LoRa chipsets allow geo-location both out- and indoor (GNSS/WiFi)
  • LoRa over satellite provides LoRa network coverage everywhere!
CAEN RFID & Impinj
Stefano Coluccini, CAEN RFID
Stefano Coluccini, CAEN RFID & Matt Branda, Impinj
General Manager, CAEN RFID & Vice President, Product at Impinj
RAIN RFID technology: beyond retail and logistics
  • RAIN RFID massive adoption
  • Enhanced customer experience and engagement
  • Consumer friendly applications
  • Embedding RFID technology
Lab ID
Giovanni Codegoni, LAB ID
Giovanni Codegoni
Sales Director, LAB ID
Connecting authentic products to the end customers: the power of URely digital platform combined with RFID technology
  • Crypto ICs
  • Brand and product authentication
  • Customer interaction and engagement
  • Reverse logistics, circular economy and second hand
EM Microelectronic
Maria Mishunicheva & Catalin Stefu
Maria Mishunicheva & Catalin Stefu
Sales & Business Development Managers, EM Microelectronic
RAINFC for Circular Economy
  • Need for labels allowing product visibility beyond the POS
  • RAINFC technology enabling seamless article flow in circular model
  • Benefits for brands and consumers
Kathrein Solutions
Michael Kaiser, Kathrein Solutions
Michael Kaiser
Director Product Management & Innovations, Kathrein Solutions
RTLS or RFID? - The Solution is RTLS and RFID!
  • Precise localisation in the warehouse with Time of Flight RTLS
  • Dynamic RTLS application for industrial forklifts with TDOA
  • Outdoor RTLS - AOA is the solution
  • Identifying and localizing - the two sides of the same medal
  • Ensuring the ROI of the existing RFID infrastructure through K-RTLS
5G-Industry Campus
Niels König
Dipl.-Phys. Niels König
Coordinator 5G-Industry Campus Europe // Head of Department "Production Metrology", Fraunhofer IPT
5G-Industry Campus Europe: New Fields of Application for 5G in Practice
  • Creation of an infrastructure to test various 5G applications
  • From 5G sensor technology for monitoring and controlling highly complex manufacturing processes to mobile robotics and logistics to cross-site production chains
  • Test the use of modern edge cloud systems for fast data processing
  • Real-time process analysis and closed-loop applications, can be holistically implemented and validated
Sander Rotmensen
Sander Rotmensen
Director Industrial Wireless Communication, Siemens
Industrial 5G Router: Towards the Wireless Factory of Tomorrow
  • First 5G router by Siemens can connect local industrial applications to 5G mobile networks
  • Monitor and maintain plants, machinery and industrial equipment remotely over a public 5G network at high data rates
  • Supports integration into private local 5G campus networks

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