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Weapon Management with proxSafe!

Safe and secure storage of weapons, ammunition and other security gear in individual, locked drawers.

Limit access to each item to authorized personnel only at specific times and get a real-time electronic audit trail as to who takes what and when.

All weapons can be equipped with RFID transponders to automatically keep track of removals and returns.

Our products include a wide range of lockers and cabinets, designated to securely hold your arms and weaponry. Store pistols, carbines and rifles - and manage them all in one system.

Made in Germany, our renowned quality standards ensure very long product lifetime and reliable use.


  • Automated audit trails of all removals and returns 
  • Secure access via access control card or PIN 
  • Individual storage
  • Receive alerts if items are not returned on time 
  • Limit access to the system during working hours only

Our products

ISO 8 panel for proxSafe flexx
Infinity Readers™
TSU 220 UHF RFID Reader
amanTag System – People & Asset Tracking/Tracing
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Barsinghausen, Germany
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