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DENSO Ensures Product Availability for Auto-ID Hardware


DENSO Ensures Product Availability for Auto-ID Hardware

Hardware and Consumables for New Projects Are Still Available!

DENSO WAVE is a subsidiary of the Japanese DENSO Corporation. Mobile computers, scanners, RFID products as well as IoT, software, QR code and security solutions are part of the product portfolio. Thanks to forward planning, DENSO remains supply-ready despite global crises such as semiconductor shortages, the Corona pandemic, and material shortages. Customers receive Auto-ID hardware and consumables according to standard lead times.

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High Product Availability Enables New Auto-ID Solutions

"DENSO is able to supply both hardware and consumables. There is no dependence on any particular supplier," explains David Walker, RFID Business Development Manager, DENSO WAVE EUROPE. "Product availability has not been affected by the global shortage of electronic parts. Therefore DENSO can be very proactive in the market. New projects are implemented with standard lead times."

Another advantage: high product availability supports corporate development. DENSO is moving from being a pure hardware provider to a complete solutions provider.

"Global partners supply DENSO with software and consumables for Auto-ID projects. A wide variety of markets can be served with new solutions," explains David Walker. "These include retail, logistics and the security industry. New RFID projects are being implemented for engineering companies.

Auto-ID Portfolio Expanded Despite Global Crises

The BHT-M70 barcode handheld terminal is the latest addition to the DENSO product portfolio. The device is equipped with a 4-inch touch display and a physical keyboard. Thanks to its robust housing, the mobile computer is particularly suitable for use in logistics and warehouses.

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"Planning ahead is an important factor in product development," emphasizes Nicole Edler, General Manager Sales Support & Marketing, DENSO WAVE EUROPE. "The shortage of materials for electronic components has been mitigated. Only for a few is the lead time a little longer."

A Positive Outlook for 2022 and 2023

Given the high level of product availability and the expansion of the solution portfolio, Theo Rappoldt, Managing Director of DENSO WAVE EUROPE, is optimistic about the future. "DENSO has historically been very strong in the Auto-ID hardware sector. However, for the future it is not enough to focus only on hardware. Expanding the portfolio to include hardware, software and professional services, resulting into offering complete solutions is an important aim.

Contact the experts at DENSO WAVE EUROPE and learn more!

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