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Facial Recognition Can Help Combat Spread of Corona Virus

Finding the Balance between Privacy and Security!

In the midst of the Corona pandemic, several countries have turned to facial recognition technologies as a way to combat the spread of the virus. DENSO WAVE EUROPE has developed their QR Code ® based facial recognition before COVID-19 was even discovered.

The technology is thus tried and tested and can function as a means to securely authenticate people at access controls or verification points – without having to touch anything.

According to Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster and media outlet, software companies around the world adapted their systems to the new reality under Corona virus measures. Facial recognition now also works with face masks. When people do not wear a mask, the recognition rate is at about 99.5 per cent, while it can still reach about 95 per cent when wearing a mask now.

In addition to this information, a current market research report by Meticulous Research shows that the access control and authentication market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.2 per cent, reaching 22.7 billion Dollars by 2027. Heathrow Airport, for example, has been using facial recognition technologies and thermal screening to identify people with COVID-19.

QR Code® based Facial Recognition from DENSO

With the QR Code® based facial recognition solution from DENSO, companies and governments can take advantage of facial authentication at access points or for verification in security-sensitive processes. Especially in regards to the hygienic measurements to prevent the virus from spreading further, this possibility offers a great advantage.

Another positive aspect is that users do not use databases for the verification process. This is made possible with the Secure QR Code, or SQRC® for short. The facial features of a person are stored on this encrypted 2D code, which are then compared at the access control or verification point via camera with the face of the person who wants access. This way, no devices need to be touched, which can help combat the spread of the Corona virus.

“Thanks to this offline method, 1 to 1 verification is possible without a database and without a server. On the one hand, this reduces the implementation costs for companies. On the other hand, this method offers better data protection for employees and customers,” explains Keiichi Yamazaki, President of DENSO WAVE EUROPE.

Facial Recognition and Data Protection with DENSO’s smart solution

Governments are challenged to take the right measurements when it comes to protecting people from the further spreading of the Corona virus. However, the sensitive topic of data protection has been an issue over the past months. With DENSO’s QR Code® based facial recognition technology, this aspect can be addressed. Users are still granted their personal privacy rights, since the public data and non-public data are safely stored in the SQRC®.

As the offline authentication does not need a server, it enables simple, low-cost introduction of face authentication. Moreover, because no personal information is stored in a server, risks related to the treatment of personal information can be reduced. Only specific readers can access the non-public data with the correct coding key. But how does the modern solution developed by DENSO work exactly?

In the first step, the so-called Face SQRC® is generated. That means, the code on which the facial data is saved is created. To do so, a photo is taken or one’s ID card is scanned with the software “Face Photo” and the appropriate reader, for example, the FC1 passport reader. The Face SQRC® Generation SDK application is then used to create the Face SQRC®, which can then be sent to the respective customer or employee and used practically like a security pass.

At the access control point, the person who wants access places the Face SQRC® with their stored facial features on the reader, for instance, the QK30 scanner from DENSO. Using a camera and the Face SQRC® Verification SDK for Windows or Android, the face of the person is compared with the stored facial data on the Face SQRC® and the identity verified. The authentication process is completely offline. User data can only be accessed via the SDK.

How the facial recognition based on the SQRC® works, can be seen in this short Video.

The SQRC® based face recognition solution can even be used for store entries and secure payment, making an unmanned store a reality. This short Denso Wave video shows the possibilities and advantages.

QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

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