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DENSO Implements Vaccination Pass & Admission Controls

Safe Return to Normality: DENSO Implements Digital Vaccination Pass and Admission Controls with Partners!

While other companies are still in the development process, DENSO, part of the Toyota Group, has already created solutions with its partners V Site Pass and SafeGate.

If vaccinated individuals want to confirm their vaccination status in the future, they need secure proof. The third wave of the corona pandemic needs to be broken in the coming weeks. But without argument, the opening steps must be analysed and planned in a differentiated manner. Both the digital vaccination pass and digital admission controls play a major role.

DENSO, part of the Toyota Group and inventor of the QR Code, now offers encouragement. The experts for mobile data collection have created two solutions with their partners V Site Pass and SafeGate. The innovative solutions are currently being merged.

On the one hand, the app Match Fit Pass is a digital vaccination pass that exclusively uses DENSO’s so-called FaceSQRC®, an encrypted QR Code with biometric face recognition data. On the other hand, the fully automatic personal airlock from SafeGate offers secure access and optimal prevention. The greatest advantage of both solutions combined: secure identification of individual persons with the highest level of protection against forgery.

“With these two innovations, the secure solution that is currently being desperately sought is already here,” says Dirk Gelbrich, General Manager Technical Department at DENSO WAVE EUROPE.

Highly Secure All-in-One Solution

Masahiro Hara developed the QR Code for DENSO WAVE in the 1990s. Since then, the data collection experts have improved the 2D code decisively and made it more secure. They have developed the Secure QR Code, or SQRC® for short.

Dirk Gelbrich explains: “In contrast to the classic model, the Secure QR Code can encrypt sensitive data, which is why it is already often used for tickets, in the health sector, and for product authentication.” The SQRC® is therefore fully developed and offers numerous advantages in the vaccination process, but also beyond.

For example, through the implementation of the SQRC® in Match Fit Pass, traveling can be made easier again, as can visits to a trade fair, a concert or a sports event. “The combination of Match Fit Pass and SafeGate is a great solution all round and offers clear added value,” says Dirk Gelbrich.

The required protective measures are strictly taken over with SafeGate, as hand disinfection, checking of body temperature, and checking of mouth/nose covers are possible in the fully automatic pass-through module.

“This check takes about seven seconds. After that, individuals can pass the admission control – easy, fast, and extremely safe. It is basically exactly the right solution for a safe return to normality.”

Clever Cooperation Offers Numerous Advantages

V Site Pass has implemented the Secure QR Code in its Match Fit Pass app because the technology enables authentication via two factors. Michael Dodd, CEO of V Site Pass in England, says: “There is no other ticketing app with this high level of security.”

Match Fit Pass verifies a person’s identity using an official identification document such as a passport or driver’s license. The verified photo is encrypted in an SQRC® so that the user receives his individual and unique Match Fit Pass number after successful face recognition. The account is set up and can now record vaccinations or tests and save additional tickets or reservations, for example for restaurants.

Furthermore, V Site Pass offers interfaces to ticket sales points and systems, which has the advantage that providers can quickly and easily use Match Fit Pass as a verification option.

SafeGate is already used in the vaccination process in Germany and ensures an automated, smooth admission. The innovative access control system can be equipped individually for the respective purpose and use.

Automatic hand disinfection, contactless temperature measurement, an accreditation environment for traceability, a visitor counting system, and camera-supported recognition of whether a visitor is wearing a mouth/nose cover are currently integrated. The accreditation is done via contactless ticket or ID verification with the QK30 scanner from DENSO, which is integrated in SafeGate’s pass-through module.

“We at DENSO are bringing our partners V Site Pass and SafeGate together, because this creates the best all-in-one solution for a safe return to normality,” explains Dirk Gelbrich. With the SafeGate module, the required safety and hygiene standards can be adhered to and safe admission control is realised.

Together with Match Fit Pass, a secure registration and traceability are guaranteed. Data protection is enforced in all regards. “The unmistakable individual identification via facial recognition with the Secure QR Code is definitely the greatest advantage in comparison to other solutions that are currently being discussed. No one can say that a system is completely forgery-proof. However, we can say that our technology has the highest level of protection against forgery,” says Dirk Gelbrich.

The other big advantage: the technology is already developed and ready to use. “What are you waiting for?” asks Dirk Gelbrich and hopes for further discussions regarding the implementation of both solutions.

The companies that are currently using Match Fit Pass or SafeGate have given positive feedback. “We are very happy about the cooperation and would like to contribute to a safe return to our old lives and professions”, Bernhard Urbach, CEO of SafeGate.

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