Authentication for the Smart City

Lecture by Janek Grill, Global Account Manager Sales, Elatec
Lecture by Janek Grill, Global Account Manager Sales, Elatec

Secure Authentication and Access Control in Smart Cities


Mobile Authentication

Lecturer: Janek Grill, Global Account Manager Sales, Elatec

Title: Authentication for the Smart City


    • A day in RFID City: a peak into the daily life of a citizen in the Smart City, where access to necessities and amenities is unlocked with the wave of an ID card or smartphone.
    • Potential applications for authentication, from EV charging docks to the fitness center to bike sharing.
    • How emerging smartphone solutions are changing the authentication game.
    • How to create a user-centric authentication solution that maximizes data security and physical safety while streamlining access for employees, tenants and citizens.
    • Plus, a real-world example of a modern authentication system in action.

Janek Grill gives insights into the RFID-enabled smart city, where access to buildings, services, amenities and more is granted using smart card and mobile authentication solutions.

The lecture focuses on use cases for authentication solutions, for example at EV charging stations, in fitness centers, and for car and bike sharing. Access permissions are set for different user groups like staff, visitors, and citizens, enabling efficient access solutions.

Source: Think Wireless IoT Day 04-2022: Smart City, Environment & Future IoT

Date: June 15th 2022

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