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Elatec Introduces TWN4 MultiTech Nano LEGIC 63 M

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Elatec Introduces TWN4 MultiTech Nano LEGIC 63 M

Time Recording and Mobility: New Reader for Mobile Authentication!

The multifrequency RFID readers in Elatec's TWN4 MultiTech Nano product family are designed, for example, to be used in the mobility and time and attendance sectors. Now, the company has expanded the product line with the TWN4 MultiTech Nano LEGIC 63 M, which offers users maximum flexibility and security in authentication. Thanks to LEGIC Connect, the reader can process not only cards but also mobile access authorizations.

Together with its partners, Elatec GmbH develops secure, mobile authentication solutions that support digital transformation for their customers. One result of this work: the new TWN4 MultiTech Nano LEGIC 63 M. The extremely compact multi-standard RFID reader (31 x 17.8 x 2.7 mm) ensures a high level of security for authentication while offering maximum flexibility. The new reader not only supports all internationally common RFID technologies in the high and low frequency range, it also enables the use of digital access authorizations, so-called mobile credentials.

The reader is equipped with the LEGIC SM-6300 chip and is thus ready for the LEGIC Connect software service. This service allows the transfer of mobile access authorizations to registered smartphones. It enables secure, end-to-end encrypted connections between the cloud, the mobile application and embedded systems such as an access control system. This allows users to use both a transponder card and the LEGIC App for authentication.

With the TWN4 MultiTech Nano LEGIC 63 M, mobile access control is possible in a wide variety of areas via registered smartphones. For example, they are used for reliable driver authentication in bike or car sharing and in fleet management. The new reader also makes time and attendance systems fit for mobile applications.

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