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ELATEC Launches ELATEC Academy

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ELATEC Launches ELATEC Academy

Virtual Webinars Make Learning Accessible for ELATEC’s Clients and Partners!

ELATEC, a global leader in user authentication solutions, is sharing its expertise with partners and clients through the ELATEC Academy.

The virtual academy introduces basic and advanced topics in authentication and access control technologies, including radio-frequency identification (RFID) and emerging smartphone-based credentialing solutions (NFC, BLE). ELATEC offers both standard and custom webinars to address a variety of knowledge levels and needs.

26 Sep 2023 - Authentication solutions for the networked factory

RFID and smartphone-based credentialling systems are now used across a broad range of industries for user identification, authentication and access control. The industry continues to evolve with new technology options and changing user preferences, including a shift to smartphone-based credentialing solutions and a growing number of IoT devices requiring secure user authentication.

The ELATEC Academy was designed to provide high-quality continuing learning opportunities for technology leaders wanting to implement forward-thinking authentication solutions for their companies.

Denis Kim, ELATEC’s Corporate Vice President of Sales, EMEA and Japan, says, “We created the ELATEC Academy to meet the needs of our clients and partners. In this era of digital transformation, continual learning is essential so companies can evolve to incorporate new technologies and meet changing user and customer expectations. We’re proving the Academy as a service to help our partners transform business models and take advantage of the opportunities of tomorrow.”

ELATEC offers Basic, Advanced and Pro-level webinars; participants can start at the beginning and advance through the whole sequence or jump into a higher-level course if they already have some prior knowledge. ELATEC will also create custom webinars for organizations to focus on a topic (or topics) of their choice.

  • Authentication Basics introduces the fundamentals of user authentication and access control technologies: what the options are, how they are used, and how they benefit organizations.  
  • Authentication Advanced covers software configuration and upgrading options for ELATEC’s multi-technology readers and the ELATEC AppBlaster tool.  
  • Authentication Pro covers mobile credentialing options, device security, remote firmware updates and the ELATEC Director tool.  

30 Aug 2023 - SMART Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Custom webinars can be designed around the client’s business model and use cases to support the design, implementation and rollout of a specific project or address business transformation strategies.

Individual participants can sign up for an upcoming webinar at elatec.me/acint. Organizational training coordinators can request a custom webinar or set up a Basics, Advanced or Pro session for multiple people.

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