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LF and HF Competencies in Over 60 Technologies

Elatec offers service, products, and software for customized solutions worldwide.

Behind Every Successful Project is a Strong Team!

Digital challenges of access control and authentication present customers worldwide with major tasks. Identification technology is proving to be an efficient link. However, some decision makers lack the know-how and time to develop innovative solutions.

This is precisely where Elatec's core competence comes in. The team of specialists from the Bavarian hardware developer based in Puchheim near Munich answers all questions concerning the integration of LF or HF RFID technology.

Which RFID reader achieves the required performance? How is the necessary security level implemented? How must the installed devices be configured? Which additional features can be added in the future without effort?

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Support & Service

Pre-Sales Consulting

Elatec supports the responsible project managers with comprehensive pre-sales consulting. "The support team's technological and systems understanding enables them to advise the sales staff on determining the exact analysis of requirements and preparing proof of concepts," explains Aden Abazovic. Elatec's focus is on the topic of 'security'. "Access control must meet different security requirements than a secure printing application".

Highly Qualified Support Team

"The Elatec support team consists of electrical engineers, communications engineers, IT experts and integration specialists," says Aden Abazovic. Every member of the support team is familiar with Elatec's product portfolio, software and individual adaptations, so that customers receive a rapid response even to complex requirements. Questions or problems are discussed directly by telephone or e-mail.

"For a successful project, not only the hardware is important, but above all the customized support for all issues," emphasizes Aden Abazovic. The aim of the team is to provide all customers with a qualified answer to their questions within an hour.

"Even in urgent cases, customers reach us very quickly and we discuss everything with them on the phone. Under certain conditions we can also access the readers remotely, no matter where in the world they are located. This way, no technician needs to be on-site. In sensitive institutions such as the government, for example, we are not allowed to send cards for security reasons, but can access the system via remote maintenance instead."  

Authenticated Access to Elevators  

RFID readers offer accurate solutions for granting visitors or employees individual access rights to buildings or floors. This also applies when several companies within a building provide access independently of each other with different identification cards – i.e. different technologies and frequencies. Elatec's access solution can be implemented with a single RFID reader, as readers from Elatec can be compatible with more than 60 different technologies. Elatec's outstanding software enables this flexibility.

Telematics in Vehicles  

Starting a vehicle is only possible after the driver has successfully authenticated himself. For this purpose, the RFID readers are integrated into the existing electronic system. The serial communication of the telematics system uses special protocols. Elatec customizes the RFID readers to this individual software. Adaptation to the existing infrastructure is possible in almost all applications.  

Products & Software 

LF and HF Competencies in Over 60 Technologies

Elatec develops and produces RFID readers for use in the LF, HF, NFC and BLE frequencies. The readers support more than 60 different technologies in the different frequency ranges. The variety of technology options is the basis for adaptable applications. If an international company also uses different RFID technologies at different locations, this is no problem for readers from Elatec.

The flexibility of the readers ensures that all identification media can be used at all locations. The wide range of supported technologies also pays off in building access solutions. This applies equally to elevator operators. A single installed reader allows secure identification of different access mediums. 

Modular Product Portfolio

The readers can be used in many different ways, from desktop readers for single sign on applications to clip-on readers for secure printing solutions. At the same time, Elatec offers modules with or without antenna to give customers the greatest possible flexibility when integrating the modules into their own devices.

"If a customer needs a special antenna geometry that has to fit into a designated device such as a PC tablet, we support the development," says Aden Abazovic. Customers can take a further development step with the Development Board. This Board can be used to develop a reference design of the required reader module. Elatec supports the project with circuit diagrams and data sheets for the interfaces.

In the final step of design of a reader concept developed by the customer, experts from Elatec can contribute development know-how. "We tune the planned antenna according to the application requirements so that a suitable reader range is guaranteed," explains Aden Abazovic.

Fire Safety in Building Complexes

The digital administration of key cards facilitates the maintenance of fire protection systems. To this end, Elatec developed a solution together with the customer. An RFID reader is integrated directly into the archiving box. It continuously checks whether all the key cards provided are present. If this is not the case, an alarm is triggered. The certification of this solution specifically for administrative buildings allows for its general use in public buildings.

Access Control at Major Airports

The authentication of employees at one of the largest European airports is carried out with RFID cards and stored biometric data. Elatec integrated the RFID readers together with the security team on-site to ensure the smooth communication between the biometric authentication, 2-factor authentication, RFID readers and IT protocols.

Software Development Kit Offers Flexibility

The adaptable readers and software generate a high degree of flexibility. Customers can implement a wide range of their own applications with the readers. Elatec supplies a Software Development Kit (SDK) for each reader. Customers can use the SDK to test their own applications. The readers can also be completely reprogrammed with the SDK.

Elatec is continually developing the SDKs further. New features are continually being integrated. "Feedback from our customers is an important factor in SDK development," reports Aden Abazovic and continues: "We are clearly following our internal development roadmap. An essential part of this is the integration of customer requirements that use our hardware and software in practice."

Customization and Individualization are Standard

If individual software solutions are requested, the support team accompanies customers from the initial request to implementation and beyond. Customer-specific software is the decisive aspect for success when readers are integrated into an existing security system. "When standard integration support reaches its limits, the hour of support strikes," emphasizes Aden Abazovic and continues: "Elatec readers are installed at one of the largest European airports. The system is based on a combined authentication of biometrics and RFID. In such a complex project, the effort required for individual software programming is high."

Customer queries constantly present the support manager and his team with new challenges – and continuously generate new solution competencies. "The realization of requirements with the support of our development department is one of the important tasks of the support team. With our core competencies, we create competitive advantages for customers with new applications and reconfigurations of existing applications."

NFC Authentication

A manufacturer of 3D printers wants to ensure that customers only use filaments of his own brand. For this purpose, the products are equipped with an NFC chip. When the roll is inserted into a printer, encrypted communication takes place with an NFC reader from Elatec installed in the printer. An NFC tag that is not original is immediately recognized, thus guaranteeing the secure operation of the 3D printers.

Charging Station for E-Mobility

The combination of RFID readers in e-charging columns and RFID customer cards ensure convenient use of charging stations. The metallic environment of the charging stations poses a challenge for the reading range of the RFID readers. Elatec ensures the shielding of the reader modules and the optimum configuration of the antennas so that the operation of the charging columns runs smoothly.

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