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Elatec präsentiert neue Freiheiten bei der Transponderauswahl


Elatec Offers New Freedom in Transponder Selection

Elatec Presents Product Innovation of the TWN4 MultiTech 2 LEGIC Family!

In the field of multi-frequency readers, ELATEC is an absolute specialist. Now the authentication expert is introducing the new TWN4 MultiTech 2 LEGIC and TWN4 MultiTech 2 LEGIC M models, continuing the success story of the versatile TWN4 MultiTech 2 LEGIC readers and writers.

The powerful readers are now equipped with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module, offering users even more flexibility.

23 Feb 2023 - Elatec Offers Authentication and Time Recording Solutions

The multi-frequency devices from the TWN4 MultiTech 2 LEGIC family enable reading and writing of almost all 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz tags and/or labels. During the development of the multi-frequency reader, Elatec focused on optimizing the HF read performance (13.56 MHz). As a result, it was possible to significantly increase the average read range of HF transponders — even doubling it for some models. The devices can read more than 60 RFID technologies from the low- or high-frequency ranges, including all common transponders from manufacturers such as ATMEL, EM, ST, NXP, TI, HID and LEGIC as well as NFC (Near Field Communication).

By using the latest ELATEC BLE module in both new devices, ELATEC is once again expanding the range of options for transponder selection; both the TWN4 MultiTech 2 LEGIC with housing and the TWN4 MultiTech 2 LEGIC M without housing now also support BLE radio technology, with which a majority of all smartphones are equipped.

This makes it possible to implement user-friendly, innovative applications for user authentication in which the smartphone serves as a universal identification medium.

The readers are designed for use in a variety of applications. They are suitable for single sign-on applications that enable one-time logon to computers and networks. Authentication solutions in the kiosk and ticketing sector, such as payment at vending machines or the use of lockers, can also be implemented in this way. The devices are also ideally suited for use in the area of machine authentication in modern factory environments.

17 Feb 2023 - Elatec at the embedded world

The readers combine new capabilities with the proven features of the TWN4 MultiTech series. ELATEC offers special support for the segment initialization function with LEGIC SM-4500. In addition, the reader contacts are (re)programmable and can be customized at the factory and in the field with support from ELATEC.

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