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Contactless Payment in Libraries with Feig Electronic


Contactless Payment in Libraries with Feig Electronic

Contactless Payment at RFID Self-check Kiosk Maximizes Convenience for Library Customers!

Libraries can no longer be imagined without RFID technology and it is used all over the world in numerous applications such as security gates, inventory, self-checkout or media return. The Bad Vilbel City Library not only uses RFID readers from FEIG, but also the contactless cVEND PIN payment terminal.

01 Aug 2022 - Bollard System Controlled by RFID Access Control

Like countless other libraries, the city library in Bad Vilbel uses RFID technology to optimize processes, increase customer convenience and relieve employees of routine activities - after all, it is the primary task of librarians to help customers to advise on their search for suitable media and not to make loans and to keep corresponding lists.

In Bad Vilbel, the borrowed media are booked independently by the customer without having to queue at a service counter.

After he has first authenticated himself with his library card on the RFID desktop reader, he can place his media on the RFID reading area marked with the white square. The media are read and assigned to the corresponding customer account. If all media have been booked properly, there will be no alarm when crossing the security gates when leaving the library.

But in Bad Vilbel, the level of convenience for customers has been further enhanced and a contactless payment terminal has also been integrated into the self-check kiosk.

16 Jun 2022 - FEIG cVEND Kernel Renewal is Complete

The customer can then pay annual, default or pre-order fees directly at the self-check kiosk, receive the payment receipt and also leave the library again without having to queue at the service desk.

"When the library in Bad Vilbel wanted to have payment terminals integrated in addition to RFID readers, the choice naturally fell on FEIG ELECTRONIC, which, in addition to a comprehensive range of RFID hardware for libraries, also has an extensive cVEND payment terminal product family," explains Stefan Wahl , Managing Director of Easycheck GmbH & Co. KG, technology supplier for libraries.

"The self-service terminal with the integrated cVEND PIN has been very well accepted by customers," says Clarissa Schultze, City Library Specialist. “It is simply very practical for the visitors to be able to act completely independently. We made a conscious decision not to accept any credit cards at first, only the girocard,” says Schultze.

In addition to the girocard, the cVEND PIN generally accepts numerous credit and debit cards as well as mobile payment applications such as Google Pay or Apple Pay. Once installed, additional kernels can easily be loaded via the Terminal Management System (TMS) and the function of the terminal can be expanded.

The example of the Bad Vilbel City Library shows that contactless payment transactions are possible in many places and can significantly increase user convenience. While cVEND payment terminals from FEIG have been used primarily in the areas of public transport, EV charging, parking and vending, libraries now open up new, interesting applications.

RFID & Payment in libraries – an optimal combination for operators and users!

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