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FEIG ELECTRONIC Presents Shielded UHF Pad Antenna

ID SPAD.U is a particularly flat UHF desktop reader with 2 integrated antennas with excellent reading performance and an innovative filtering of incorrect readings outside the device. (Picture: FEIG ELECTRONIC)

FEIG ELECTRONIC Presents Shielded UHF Pad Antenna

UHF Desktop Reader with integrated antennas for several markets!

ID SPAD.U from FEIG ELECTRONIC is a particularly flat UHF desktop reader with two integrated antennas for contactless data exchange with UHF transponders.

The device impresses with maximum reliability and modern design.

Mainly used in laundries, libraries and in retail

Thanks to the excellent reading performance and the innovative filtering of unwanted steray reads outside the device, the shielded UHF pad antenna can be used in numerous markets. Above all, this includes laundries, libraries and retail.

Typical applications are laundry logistics, recording of loaned items during the issue and return in libraries, file and document tracking as well as the support of KANBAN systems and logistical processes.

Optimal read rates and suppressed incorrect readings

Thanks to integrated shielding and innovative filters, transponders are automatically suppressed outside of a small minimum distance from the device. This effectively suppresses incorrect readings of objects that should not be identified at all.

Various proposed configurations for customer-specific applications make it easier to optimize parameters and filters. Installation on metallic or conductive surfaces does not affect the antenna in any way. This means that it can also be used on otherwise unsuitable substrates.

Up to a distance of 25 cm, optimal read rates (99.5 %) are achieved within the large, A4-sized reading window. The adjustable transmission power (50 mW to 500 mW) and the filter parameters enable optimal adaptation to different applications and transponders.

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