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FEIG is Now Partner of the Visa Ready for Transit Program

With its cVEND terminal family, FEIG has become a partner of the Visa Ready for Transitprogram. (Image: Feig Electronic)

FEIG is Now Partner of the Visa Ready for Transit Program

Since May 2020, through its cVEND terminal family, FEIG ELECTRONIC has become a certified partner of the Visa Ready for Transit program.

Visa Ready for Transit makes it easier for public transport fare management system operators to identify manufacturers’ contactless payment systems that satisfy Visa’s requirements.

08 Sep 2022 - RFID based Rail Applications from FEIG live at InnoTrans 2022

The cVEND terminal family from FEIG ELECTRONIC has joined the Visa Ready for Transit program as an officially certified solution.

This program aims to bring together manufacturers of payment solutions and payment terminals worldwide with integrators in the public transport sector to help improve transport journeys around the world.

The cVEND terminal family from FEIG ELECTRONIC has completed Visa hardware and software component certifications. Examples include EMVCo Level 1 and Level 2 certification, which regulate both hardware communication with the card and the secure integration of EMV payment kernels for the individual card providers.

The cVEND terminal family has certified kernels for VISA, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, RuPay and MADA (PURE). They also hold security-relevant PCI compliance certification PCI PTS 5.x and, in the SEPA zone, an approval of the German Banking Industry Committee (German “DK”) according to DC POS 3.0 and TA 7.2 for the respective Level 3 payment application.

01 Aug 2022 - Bollard System Controlled by RFID Access Control

By becoming a solution partner of Visa, FEIG ELECTRONIC’s solutions and expertise are now available for use by public transporters around the world. In the future, even more operators will be able to benefit from the system’s flexible integration capabilities as well as the high security standards of the cVEND terminal family – enabling customers to pay or validate their tickets conveniently, quickly and securely using contactless technology.

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