RFID File-tracking System

Largest RFID Document Tracking System in the World

OGTech collaborates with Feig Electronic to provide the Public Prosecution service in Qatar with a comprehensive UHF RFID solution.

OGTech, QCS and FEIG Provide Public Prosecution in Qatar with UHF RFID Solution

The Public Prosecution in Qatar has been honored with an award for the largest implementation of RFID document tracking: In a coorperation with the German manufacturer Feig Electronic, the regional branch of OGTech, a local distributor in Doha, Qatar, provides the Public Prosecution with an elaborate UHF RFID system that encompasses 1,006 reading points to allow for improved efficiency and accuracy in document tracking. The integration was executed in coorperation with QCS, a local specialist.

After six months of planning, development, and installation, the system is nearly entirely implemented and in use. Already it provides faster and more accurate file tracking than the previous solution. Through innovative hardware and built-in features like authorization checks, detailed location information and label printing modules cost and time efficency is ensured and errors and delays are minimised.

Khaled Mohamed Ezz El Din, Regional Manager, OGTech for RFID solutions, in an interview with RFID & Wireless IoT Global.

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