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FEIG Shows Contactless Payment & Wearables at WIOTtomorrow20

Payment Terminals, RFID Hardware and Successful Use Cases!

Learn More at the Digital Booth from Feig Electronic

Feig – sponsor, exhibitor, speaker – showcases its comprehensive portfolio of readers and antennas for the frequencies LF 125 kHz, HF/NFC 13.56 MHz and UHF (860-960 MHz), as well as its contactless payment solutions at the digital booth of the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL.

Learn more at the digital booth of Feig Electronic – available 24/7 now until December 18th!

30 May 2023 - FEIG Introduces Localized UHF RFID Solution

Highlight at the Digital Booth: Wearable HyWEAR compact

Order picking, assembly, sorting – these are processes in logistics and production that often cannot be automated, and companies are desperately looking for solutions. Mobile devices that can be worn directly on the body and for which no additional handing is required open the door to solving numerous challenges. Wearables can thus pave the way for the future position of people in the value chain. Wearables create benefits in the peripheral areas of automation wherever automated identification reaches its limits.

Feig Electronic has now incorporated these requirements and potentials into a completely new solution, the HyWEAR compact product family. Find out more at the digital booth!

Contactless Payment Solutions

Feig Electronic is pushing the development of contactless payment in the areas of vending and public transport in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. With cVEND payment terminals, customers can securely pay and validate tickets – and do so contactlessly. This reduces the potential risk of infection during the payment process

View Eric William Pitts presentation about NFC Contactless Payment from the digital conference at the FEIG's digital booth!

Use Case: Medical Asset Tracking

17 May 2023 - FEIG’s cVEND Terminals for Easy EV Charging Payment

Learn how permanently installed long-range UHF Readers and antennas from Feig are used for the rollout of tracking one million medical assets in the United Arab Emirates. The acquisition of tagged objects at entrances, transitions, and exits supports the exact localization of the mobile assets.

This function is particularly important for locating medical devices and objects that are constantly needed, such as beds or wheelchairs. The implementation at almost 150 locations in seven countries is one of the most extensive RFID integrations in this sector worldwide.

Use Case: Access Control in Dubai

Learn how Feig's technology is used at a gated community residential complex for access control to leisure facilities and payment at attractions. The ID LRU500i UHF RFID long-range readers are used at the 14 entrances and exits of the residential complex. A reading range of up to ten meters is guaranteed. This way, the vehicle access control for approximately 1,000 parking lots is regulated. The HF reader ID CPR50.10 is used for physical access control on the premises.

Learn more about Feig's Products and Solutions Digitally!

The following products and solutions are presented in detail at the digital booth:

  • HyWEAR compact
  • HyWEAR compact xT
  • ID MAX50.10
  • ID MAX.U1002
  • ID CPR40.30
  • ID LRU500i
  • cVEND plug
  • ID ANT.U290/290
  • ECCO+

Visit Feig Electronic Digitally!

Learn more at the digital booth of Feig and find additional contact information.

The digital exhibition of the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL is already open and will be available until December 18th. You can still register here free of charge.

Get to know our products

ID LRU500i
ID ISC.ANT.U500/270-DM
HyWEAR compact
ID ISC.LRU1002 UHF Long Range
ID MAX50.10 All-In-One
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