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Easy entry into the administration of access and vehicle access control systems

Personal Access Control (Picture: FEIG ELECTRONIC)

FEIG's „myAXXESS Manager“ Update Offers Lot of New Features

Easy entry into the administration of access and vehicle access control systems

The "myAXXESS Manager" by FEIG ELECTRONIC has been fundamentally revised and offers many new features. The software, which is free for customers, is suitable for small to medium-sized access and vehicle access control applications.

01 Aug 2022 - Bollard System Controlled by RFID Access Control

The modern designed and intuitive software allows the simultaneous management of access points and driveways. Thus, short-range readers such as the MAX50.10 and wide-range readers such as the MAX.U1002 can be managed and programmed simultaneously.

The authorizations can be granted in a very simple manner via a central view of individual users or also via user groups. Access points and driveways can also be grouped into areas which makes the assignment of authorizations very easy and comfortable.

In addition to the granting of authorizations, the software also offers the option of managing individual time models as well as holiday regulations. Event and diagnostic data can also be read out of the access control and vehicle access control readers via the "myAXXESS Manager".

For easy programming of new ID cards and vehicle transponders, desktop readers type CPR40.30 or MRU102 can be used.

28 Jul 2022 - Contactless Payment in Libraries with Feig Electronic

The latest version of the software will also enable the use of secure transponder technologies such as Mifare DESFire and UCODE DNA in the future, enabling access control projects of the highest security level. Thus, it can be prevented that copied transponders can be used in the systems.

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