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FlexiRay Use Case: Tracking of Trays with Electronical Parts

Warehouse Use Case of a prominent electronics producer!

FlexiRay created a tailored solution to meet the needs of a prominent electronics producer.

The solution involves tracking trays containing electronical parts within a warehouse. These trays are being transported on carts around the warehouse. The purpose of this solution is to track the movement and location of the electronical parts stored on the respective trays.

A challenge of the solution included the presence of other parts labeled with tags located in proximity to the reading zone. The objective is to read only the items within the reading zone.

In this case, the goal was to make a reading zone for a certain area which was clearly defined. For this purpose, we decided to use the FlexiRay SFR-4400 antenna.

This antenna has a homogenous field for the tracking of objects that are in close proximity. The reader´s power had to be decreased in order to create a reading zone according to the client's needs.

The zone had to be approximately 1 meter in order to avoid the reading other trays located nearby. Due to the dimensions of the cart, it was necessary to position a second antenna overhead. Having two antennas above each other created a reading zone that measured 2 meters high. The direction of the tray’s movement is determined by a pair of optical sensors.

Thanks to its functionalities, the FlexiRay SFR-4400 antenna allowed us to create a precisely determind reading zone. This was essential for this project in order to avoid unwanted tag reading outside of the reading zone.

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