Fraunhofer IPMS will demonstrate a system made up of various wireless RFID sensors and a specially-developed RFID OPC UA middleware.

Fraunhofer IPMS at Hannover Messe 2018

No Industry 4.0 without RFID and Sensors

Cost reductions resulting from transparent supply chains, workpiece-controlled production lines or preventive maintenance measures would not be possible without the interaction of identification methods, sensors, software, and secure data storage concepts. Fraunhofer IPMS will demonstrate a system made up of various wireless RFID sensors, specially-developed RFID OPC UA middleware and a tamper-proof data storage concept based on blockchain technology at this year's Hannover Messe.

Visitors to the world's largest trade show for industrial technology can view the Fraunhofer IPMS system demonstration at the OPC Foundation booth from 23-27 April.

Monica Beck
Monica Beck
Technology Transfer
Dresden, Germany

In addition to RFID Auto-ID technology, sensors play a key role in the Industry 4.0 world. Real objects must be clearly identifiable for correlation in the virtual world and sensors must be able to monitor various conditions affecting them. Researchers at Fraunhofer IPMS have combined both, thereby linking the two technologies of automatic object identification and wireless acquisition of temperature, inclination, humidity and other sensor-provide data.

RFID systems often bound to manufacturer

Because some RFID technology currently found in today's industrial processes are often manufacturer-bound, hardware alone cannot solve the problem. Fraunhofer IPMS Head of Wireless Microsystems Frank Deicke explains, “Companies with RFID technologies already integrated in their processes repeatedly face limitations due to being tied to specific manufacturers.

Some components are unable to assimilate over diverse frequencies and manufacturers and therefore cannot be connected to the superordinate control system or cloud services without investing strong integration efforts.” RFID middleware based on the OPC UA – Auto-ID companion specification provides a solution for simplified system integration.

According to Dr. Deicke, RFID sensor system applications are typically found in areas relying on wireless measured value acquisition and data transfer. Such areas of application can include monitoring the temperature of goods moving along the logistics chain, the mechanical conditions placed on rotating components of machine tools, or the moisture and temperature levels in hard-to-reach or harsh environments.

Blockchain as data storage concept

Global business and industry demands today exceed simply collecting and processing data. Modern production processes involve numerous manufacturers, logistics companies and other participants. Often, data from manufacturing and delivery processes needs to be shared among partners across the entire supply chain. Blockchain technology offers a transparent and tamper-proof approach currently under research.

Visitors to the Hannover Messe can view both blockchain technology demonstrated through a production process, as well as various RFID sensors and the OPC UA RFID middleware ROAD server at Booth A11 in Hall 9.

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