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GERA-IDENT Successfully Implements RFID Solution for the Solar Industry

GERA-IDENT Successfully Implements RFID Solution for the Solar Industry

Success Story: Solar Panel Production Controlled with RFID!

  • Solar panel production with RFID
  • Zero fault tolerance
  • Customized RFID solution
  • RFID embedded in solar modules

The identification specialist GERA-IDENT has mastered another challenging RFID use case: The entire production control of a German solar panel manufacturer has been carried out with a complete RFID solution since the beginning of 2022. A highlight of the solution is the UHF RFID label specially developed by GERA-IDENT, which is embedded in solar modules during production. Ramin Hassan, Managing Director of GERA-IDENT, reveals more details about the project in an interview.

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Mr. Hassan, how did the project for the development of the new RFID tags begin?

Ramin Hassan: The project started in 2020 with a customer request for a customized RFID solution. A German solar panel manufacturer wanted to control production with RFID. For this purpose, an RFID label had to be integrated into the panels during the production process.

What were the exact project requirements?

Hassan: A complete solution was required. This included technical proof of concept as well as the development, installation and integration of hardware, including RFID tags, readers and antennas. Individual capture and transmission stations – known as ID points – were required at certain locations in production.

What special challenges had to be mastered for RFID deployment?

Hassan: The production environment and processes make the integration of RFID tags difficult. A solar panel contains metal and conductive material that can interfere with RFID transmission. At the same time, there is zero fault tolerance. In an emergency, a failed label means a discarded panel.

In addition, the tag is exposed to extremely high temperatures and pressure when it is pressed and embedded between two glass layers of a panel during production. There is little space available for the application of the RFID tag. If the tag is too large, the glass will shatter during the pressing process.

How was the solution developed?

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Hassan: The development of special solutions is one of GERA-IDENT's core competencies. In this project, we built the solution based on our expertise on RFID windshield labels. These have to meet similar requirements as the labels for solar panels: The label is applied bottom-side-up to glass, with the adhesive overlying the print. UV and temperature resistance is a must for both labels.

The structure of the solar panel label is therefore very similar. Despite the challenging environmental conditions, the UHF RFID label is functional. For process stability, it is essential that each label meets exact dimensions and is placed precisely. This is the only way to guarantee readability at desired ID points.

The project was a complete success. From the technical proof of concept to the planning of the hardware, to the development of the label, the delivery, and the hardware-related integration into the PLC, GERA-IDENT accompanied the customer every step of the way. In mid-2021, the solar panel manufacturer's new production facility was put into operation, and the RFID complete solution has been used there since 2022.

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