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HID Global at Think WIOT Day Industrial IoT & Maintenance

Richard Aufreiter Presents Best Practices of RFID in Extreme Industrial Environments

On December 7th, HID Global will be taking part in the Think WIOT Day "Industrial IoT & Maintenance" with a lecture titled “Will it Last? Best Practices on RFID and IoT Services for Harsh Environments”. Richard Aufreiter, VP of Product Management at HID Global, will talk about the various different RFID tags and technology that are suited for different types of extreme industrial environments.

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Standards are Crucial for RFID Tags in Harsh Environments

There is no question that passive and active RFID tags can identify and locate more than 100,000 assets across an industrial yard for example that spans several square miles. However, every tag should be designed to withstand and survive the specific industrial environment they operate in. Richard Aufreiter explains the different standards that define certain tags, from vibration and shock standards, to impact resistance, and to explosive certifications and more. RFID tags are tested in real-world situations and under extreme conditions before they are certified accordingly.

RFID Tags in Extreme Temperatures

For medical applications, RFID tags must endure temperatures below -196 degrees Celsius in order to prevent damage to medical samples. On the other end of the spectrum, tags used in automotive paint shop processes or aircraft applications require heat and flame resistance of up to 225 degrees Celsius.

Washing Environments and Chemical Exposure

Water and chemical resistance is crucial for RFID tags and equipment in certain applications. In laundry environments for example, tags must be able to withstand high pressure washing cycles at high temperatures. For outdoor usage, tags should be able to be waterproof to withstand water, be it a small splash or heavy rain.

In laboratories, RFID tags can be made to withstand certain individual chemicals, but also a combination of chemicals. From a chemical spillage to repeated exposure of chemicals, to submersion in the chemicals: it is important to consider contamination factors in such environments.

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Find out more about how you can pick the right RFID tag for your industrial application from Richard Aufreiter on December 7th. Participant accreditation is free of charge and registration can be done here!

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Richard Aufreiter
Richard Aufreiter
VP Product Marketing
Granges-Veveyse, Switzerland
Marie Glotz
Marie Glotz
VP Sales
Granges-Veveyse, Switzerland
Mark Robinton
Mark Robinton
VP IoT Services Business Unit
Eden Prairie, USA
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Rahul Kothari
Sales Director, Trusted Tag Services
Austin, USA
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