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HID Global Presents Wafer-Thin HF/UHF Asset Tags for Containers or Metallic Equipment

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Convergence of NFC and RAIN RFID/UHF

Wafer-Thin HF/UHF Asset Tags for Containers or Metallic Equipment!

Based on the EM Echo chipset, this frequency combination combines the best of both worlds: UHF for strong reading distance used in logistics with the user-friendly interaction of NFC. It is now available in HID Global's InLine Tag Plate as well as other form factors based on the use case and deployment requirements.

  • Durability – Resistant to outdoor elements as well as blunt and sharp impact.
  • Versatility – Thin plates mount flush with glue or screws to any material.
  • Visibility – Large surface may be printed or laser-engraved with logo, barcode, serial number or text.

27 Jul 2022 - HID Global: Access Control Report 2022

HID Global InLine Tag™ Plate transponders are the ideal solution for tagging shipping containers or other metallic assets. Less than two-tenths of an inch (3.7 mm) thick, these tags mount flush to any surface. The high impact polycarbonate housings shield internal components from the environmental extremes and rugged treatment of industrial freight operations.

Standard grey RAIN UHF InLine Tag Plates provide excellent contrast for imprinting. HID can also produce plates in any color you choose. The large surface accommodates embossing, laser-engraving or adhesive labels for a logo, barcode, serial number or text message.

Tough and versatile, InLine Tag Plate transponders are available for mounting on metal, plastic or wood using standard nails, screws or industrial adhesives.

The tags are lightweight, dust tight, waterproof and protected against close-range high pressure, high temperature spray downs (IP69K).

23 Jun 2022 - HID Global Acquires RFID Provider ACURA

InLine Tag Plates UHF improve data collection speed and accuracy for logistics applications, while making tracking more cost-effective. UHF technology enables anti-collision functionality, fast data-rate communication and password data protection for precise, reliable tracking and updating. The plates can be read from distances of up to a 26 ft (8 m), and are compliant with EPC global-certified UHF Class 1 Gen 2 readers and modules.

The smaller HF/NFC asset tags utilize HID Trusted Tag® Services for authentic "proof of presence" while remaining fully NFC compatible without requiring a special APP.

InLine Plate Asset tags help organizations to implement accurate maintenance billing of serviceable equipment preventing fraud while providing an enhanced user interface for service technicians through their NFC phones.

The white asset tag version may be printed or laser engraved from stock, while the transparent version is custom built upon order with printing underneath the transparent housing for increased robustness and durability of the optical personalization.

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Richard Aufreiter
Richard Aufreiter
VP Product Marketing
Granges-Veveyse, Switzerland
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VP Sales
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Director Business Development - Industry & Logistics
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