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HID Global Expands RFID Tag Family with Two New Products

Image: HID Global

HID Global Expands RFID Tag Family with 2 New Products

More Options in Item Tracking and Broader Inventory and Supply Chain Security!

HID Global has announced two additions to its broad family of RFID asset-tracking tags.

The HID SlimFlex Ultra technical label is optimized for the strongest durability compared to other labels , and the HID Seal edTamper Aura is designed to securely track and trace highly sensitive materials and digitally detects unauthorized access to sealed containers like boxes or crates.

23 Jun 2022 - HID Global Acquires RFID Provider ACURA

“We continue to solve customer challenges across a variety of RFID applications, from monitoring individual items under harsh conditions to ensuring that the seal integrity of secured inventory or high-value commercial shipping goods has not been breached,” said Jean-Miguel Robadey, VP of Industrial Smart Components with HID Global.

HID SlimFlex Ultra Label

The HID SlimFlex Ultra label’s special construction increases durability when mounted to non-metallic flat or slightly curved surfaces.

It joins HID’s comprehensive family of High Frequency (HF) and Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) RAIN® RFID tags that withstand exposure to harsh elements, chemicals, and extreme temperature for waste management, food distribution applications, and other asset tracking applications. Custom colors are available as well as 1D/2D barcode and laser-engraving options for special branding or other identification needs.

Seal edTamper Aura tag

Affixed to metal, non-metal items or containers, HID’s Seal edTamper Aura tag combines tamper-evident fasteners with RFID technology that transmits item ID, seal status, and a digital notification when a seal is compromised.

09 Jun 2022 - New Battery-Free RFID Sensor Technology for New Applications

They can be used for scanning of large sets of sealed items such as weapons, racks, controlled medications, or other assets needing protection. Main advantage of the new tag is that you can itemize and detect the status of the assets without opening the storage container during security checks using RAIN® RFID handheld or stationary readers.

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Richard Aufreiter
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