RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 04-2022
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RFID Deployment for Temperature, Humidity & Volume Measurement

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Lecture by David Owen, Marketing Manager at Omni-ID (part of HID Global)
Lecture by David Owen, Marketing Manager at Omni-ID (part of HID Global)

RFID Monitoring Capabilities and Use Cases


RFID Sensing Solutions

Lecturer: David Owen, Marketing Manager at Omni-ID (part of HID Global)

Title: Taking Passive RFID to New Levels with the Addition of Temperature, Liquid Fill Level & Moisture Monitoring


    • Monitoring the temperature of drugs, vaccines or therapeutics during cold chain transit
    • Monitoring the fill or dilution levels of liquids in vials or bottles
    • Alerting when unwanted moisture is present in areas such as roof spaces, automotive engines or within sensitive storage areas such as data centers
    • Monitoring moisture levels in infant or adult diapers so they can be changed when required

Omni-ID, the pioneer of passive industrial radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, part of HID Group, has extended its Sense family of devices with the introduction of its new range of temperature, moisture-sensing and liquid volume measurement devices that incorporate the Axzon Magnus® M3D chip and meet a broad range of industrial, IT and healthcare requirements.

The broad range of use cases includes monitoring the volume of liquids in glass vials for vaccine management systems; monitoring the temperature of machine components to enable predictive maintenance; cold chain management of foods and pharmaceuticals and monitoring the moisture levels and temperature of servers in data centers.

Source: Think Wireless IoT Day 02-2022: Automotive, Industrial Production & Wireless IoT Technologies

Date: March 16th 2022

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