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Lecture by OmniID on New RFID Sensing Solutions at Think WIOT Day

David Owen Gives Insights into New RFID Monitoring Capabilities and Use Cases!

At the Think WIOT Day "Automotive, IIoT & WIOT Technologies" on March 16th, David Owen, Marketing Manager at OmniID, part of HID Global, will give a lecture titled "Taking Passive RFID to New Levels with the Addition of Temperature, Liquid Fill Level & Moisture Monitoring". Part of this lecture are the new Sense family of devices!

27 Jul 2022 - HID Global: Access Control Report 2022

RFID Deployment for Temperature, Humidity and Volume Measurement

Omni-ID, the pioneer of passive industrial radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, part of HID Group, has extended its Sense family of devices with the introduction of its new range of temperature, moisture-sensing and liquid volume measurement devices that incorporate the Axzon Magnus® M3D chip and meet a broad range of industrial, IT and healthcare requirements.

The new passive Sense range includes ceramic tags and printable on-metal and off-metal self-adhesive labels which can accurately read live temperatures as low as -70°C and up to 125°C; indicate the presence of moisture; and measure the volume of liquids in containers. The battery-less devices do not require maintenance and are ideal for monitoring the condition of assets in transit and storage.

Find out more about the new passive Sense devices from David Owen at the Think WIOT Day Automotive, IIOT & WIOT Technologies” on March 16th! The broad range of use cases includes monitoring the volume of liquids in glass vials for vaccine management systems; monitoring the temperature of machine components to enable predictive maintenance; cold chain management of foods and pharmaceuticals and monitoring the moisture levels and temperature of servers in data centers.

Participation in the Think WIOT Day Automotive & IIOT Livestream

Including: Qualified presentations | Professional set up | Live participation | Questions directly in the chat | Knowledge and insights | Technologies and success stories| Best practice

23 Jun 2022 - HID Global Acquires RFID Provider ACURA

The recordings of the lectures are available at Think WIOT Day Automotive, IIoT & WIoT Technologies!

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