RFID-Enabled Asset Tracking Strategies

Lecture from Brenda Brady & Lisa Moore, HID
Lecture from Brenda Brady & Lisa Moore, HID

RFID for the Modern Supply Chain


Asset Tracking Strategies

Speaker: Brenda Brady & Lisa Moore, RFID Experts and Sales Directors, HID

Title: Effortless Precision: RFID-Enabled Asset Tracking strategies in Supply Chain


    • RFID Benefits in Supply Chain Management: Gain comprehensive insights into the advantages brought about by the integration of RFID technology in supply chain operations, focusing on its transformative impact on operational efficiency.
    • Practical Integration Approaches: Explore diverse form factors and attachment options, tailoring the implementation to suit the specific needs of your operations.
    • Enhancing Data Precision and Visibility: Learn how this technology reshapes asset tracking, data accuracy and visibility by providing real-time information for informed decision-making.
    • Real-world examples: Hear about problem-solving applications of RFID, delivering visibility, efficiency, and security enhancements.
    • Modern Supply Chain: Explore how RFID enables advanced efficiency modeling and innovation for unparalleled operational optimization in the modern supply chain

Brenda Brady and Lisa Moore from HID give insights of RFID-enabled asset tracking strategies in supply chain. Discover the benefits that are attainable with RFID for supply chain management. The two experts go into detail on the practical integration approaches for the modern supply chain. Learn how you can enhance data precision and visibility, and find out about real-world examples in this lecture!

Source: Think Wireless IoT Day 01-2024: Logistics | Supply Chain | Transportation | Retail

Date: 27th March 2024

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