RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021 on October 20-21

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Exhibitor Spotlight: HUAYUAN at #wiottomorrow21

Visit HUAYUAN at Booth #48 on October 20th & 21st at the RMCC!

HUAYUAN is an RFID tag manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the field. At the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021, HUAYUAN will be on-site at the RheinMain Congress Center in Wiesbaden at booth #48, ready to show you the latest in the comprehensive RFID portfolio. This year’s focus: HUAYUAN HLT-Serial Tags for laundry applications.


The HUAYUAN HLT-Serial Tags are RAIN RFID laundry tags with a strict, classic design and robust structure. The HLT-Serial Tags are equipped with near-field RFID transponders with the U9 QFN package. The PCB is fitted and embedded with electroplated copper antennas, together with 200 strands of high-quality stainless fiber antennas with a refined nylon wrapping, stitched on blended fabrics and coated by a TPU hotmelt adhesive.

This provides the tags with a heat seal and enables it to be stitched onto any textile, linen, clothing, or uniform for digital track and trace purposes.

GuaHua Tao, Managing Director at HUAYUAN comments, “The HLT Laundry Tag is a soft, thin, flexible but durable tag. The tag has a stable and consistent performance with a read range of up to 7 meters, and can withstand harsh industrial laundry processes. In fact, 200 wash cycles is possible for one year.”

Stitched, pocketed or heat sealed, HLT-Serial Laundry Tags can be attached on most types of fabrics and textile assets. The tag is SGS certified in concerns to heating and bending tests. The HLT Laundry Tag has already been applied in many brands in the industrial field, laundry and healthcare industry. Over 50 million tags are already in use across Europe, Japan and the USA.

Tao adds: “The RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow is a professional exhibition for stakeholders in several industries. By taking part, we hope to achieve high-quality partnerships with potential customers, decision-makers and stakeholders in the laundry industry. For this, we offer our textile linen laundry tag. We are looking forward discussing how HUAYUAN can be your ideal partner to promote your business. The exhibition is a great opportunity for this.”

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The experts from HUAYUAN look forward to welcoming you at the RMCC in Wiesbaden on October 20th and 21st.

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Phoebe Bu
Phoebe Bu
Project Director
Shanghai, China
Guohua Tao
Guohua Tao
General Manager
Shanghai, China
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