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Huayuan's NFC Mini Tags – Label for Smart Industries

The rapid development of the modern society forces industries to improve their production efficiency and business format continuously, most of traditional industries face challenges during those transformations. RFID technology, as the epochal technology to accelerate the business to satisfy variable requirements in globally.

As simple and effective method, RFID technology had been noticed to connect the physical items with virtual data in IT system, which converts the management of traditional industries and services to new stage. NFC, as an momentous branch of RFID technology, emerges prominently in retail, tracking, promotion and cashless payments. In particular, Apple announced that all iphone will adopt NFC module inside, and open NFC functions soon. NFC already be assembled in default Android system, we can find more and more Android phones embedded NFC modules in the mobile phone.

We noticed some huge NFC projects are under developing, NFC will have fleet expansion in coming years. It will change and enhance the management model of retail and service industries. As a specialist of RFID and NFC R&D, and mass producer, HUAYUAN had prepare smart tag solutions serves the variety of smart industries worldwide.

In order to support our clients with their NFC projects, a tiny size NFC tag is usually be requested to fit a compact space but high performance as well.

HUAYUAN has spared no efforts to develop Mini tags which can be appropriate for different industrial extreme strict environments.

HUAYUAN is an experienced performer in NFC tag, which can be retracted from every early NFC project of ZAPA in 2008 in UK, hundreds and thousands NFC mini sticker tags had been applied on mobile phone with robust structure. We had provided various NFC tags with speed mass productions line with flexible NFC labels or NFC hard keytag compliance customize requirements.

HUAYUAN has it professional high-speed accurate NFC / RFID variable data personalized processes for barcode, QR, data printing and chip programming and encryption, and online testing, which contribute to the qualified NFC tags.

One of our most popular NFC label/tag products MINI NFC tag

The transponder of the tag is self-designed with double side Aluminum Etching antenna, assembling NFC chip, it is the smallest antenna by low cost Al round antenna with diameter in 13 mm inside, up to 20mm read distance by NFC mobile devices.

Regarded as the best substitute of copper etching antenna NFC tags, Mini NFC tag performed slight disparity from copper antenna NFC tag, which indicates that half cost can be saved with similar read range. Data encryption, colorful printing, QR printing and NDEF data programming high volume applications are all available with 100% inspection before delivery.

The NFC tags takes effect as a bridge making it possible to connect end users directly to the brand owner by a tiny NFC sticker with convey critical data in chip. Activated by mobile NFC device and read by an customized developed APP, every NFC tag on physical products can advance serial of customer services projects and promotions projects, for example the projects information, promotion, marketing agencies and customer’s complain operation, re-purchasing and new products introduction can be so easy fulfilled after NFC tag having been attached your products.

HUAYUAN designed and developed professional tamper evident NFC tag solutions for brand protection projects for luxury brand products, anti-counterfeit for expensive alcohol, cosmetics, by millions tags producing experience in Global market. A comprehensive self-design NFC tag solutions are accumulated in 10 years expedience on destructive antenna, individual tamper evident structure designs, and self developed adhesive glue, brittle substrates, and self developed converting and inserting method of projection.

HUAYUAN would be glad to share his experience of 20 years in the RFID/ NFC industry via a long term cooperation. Feel free to contact us by just clicking the link of one of our contacts and hit the contact form.

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