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HUAYUAN Presents its HLT RAIN RFID Laundry Chip!

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HUAYUAN Presents its HLT RAIN RFID Laundry Chip!

Huayuan Expands Portfolio with Industrial Laundry Chips

HUAYUAN HLT Serial RAIN RFID Laundry Chips are made flexible, tenacious, and heat, pressure and stretching resistant. The RFID transponder is designed for textile asset lifecycle tracking. All textiles like flat linens, workwear and uniforms can be traced and tracked imperceptibly via a unique ID carried in the HLT tag. This helps to realize digital transparency and touchless laundry management throughout soil collection, laundering, distribution processes where RFID facilities are synchronously connected with IT management systems. The HLT RFID laundry chip can be inserted into tiny flat linen as well as on the finest textiles with a no-wear feeling, and without being visible. The HLT Laundry Chips have been applied to many industrial linen products of many brands, both in the laundry industry, and in the healthcare industry.

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HUAYUAN has been developing, improving and perfecting its HLT laundry transponders since 2016, undergoing hundreds of tests on different designs, structures, materials and craft processes. HUAYUAN’s HLT RFID laundry chips are perfectly suited for the tracking of textile assets, targeting the industrial laundry market in Europe, USA, Japan and Australia. Tens of millions of pices of the HLT Serial Laundy Chips were sold in 2021 without any complaints. In some comparative tests by our customers, the product has outperformed all other products in its category. 

HUAYUAN’s products are designed for textiles, which means performance is significantly improved on textiles. The HLT Laundry Transponders are manufactured with reliable construction and components, and guarantees 200 cycles of the toughest industrial laundry environments, with no more than a 30% performance loss after 200 cycles, and only a 3% loss caused by the chip module.

Typical formats include: 70x15mm, 74x10mm, 70x10mm, and 55x12mm, and of course many customized designs. The HLT Laundry Chips can be make for stitching, heat sealing, pouching, or hanging. The chips carry accurate QR, data matrix, barcode, code printing, and relative chip data encoding. The TID data sheet can be provided together during delivery after a 100% test. HUAYUAN’s HLT Laundry Chips are compliant with: OEKO-TEX 100, SGS, Eurofins color-fastness certificates and ATP certificate of EECC.

The experts of HUAYUAN are confident in the quality of the product portfolio as they are backed up by strict quality control. The capacity of mass production is 100k-1500k pieces per day. For chemicals, detergents, dyeing, washing, dewatering, drying and ironing, HUAYUAN’s HLT Laundry Chips can be a great device for innovation for the tracking of your textiles and for your textile inventory systems.

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