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HUAYUAN Provides UHF RFID Ceramic Tags with On Metal Design

Three ways to produce RFID tags, which are not affected by the interference of metal assets

It is impossible for an common passive UHF RFID tag to work properly on metal surface. Hence passive RFID tags are often confronted with a number of problems in harsh industrial environments. There are three typical ways to produce RFID tag, which are not affected by the interference of metal assets, in our experience. Below you will find a brief presentation of our experience.

  1. Keep a distance between the RFID transponder and the metal surface by using foam or plastic as intermediate medium. Usually a 5mm to 10 mm gap will be enough to read the RFID transponder perfectly. Another possible solution is to attach the RFID tag to the metal surface like a flag, in order to avoid the interference from metal.
  2. There are two possible solutions for using the metal item as part of the RFID antenna: Coupling antenna design or integrated transponder RFID tag design. HUAYUAN has developed a RFID tag for industrial liquefied petroleum gas cylinders in China market, which is a no blind area design. This means that the RFID reader can read from any direction up to 1.5 meters from all parts of the metal cylinder.
  3. A special design for mounting on metal RFID transponders. The material of the tag can be foam, PCB, FPC or ceramic with thickness of 1-3 mm. UHF RFID ceramic tags are one of the most common forms of on metal tags.

On Metal UHF RFID Tags are a group of RFID tags designed for metallic application environments or for being applied to a metal surface. They allow data to be written and read from chips in environments, which are unfavorable for radio communication. The design and technology of the compact RFID antennas are particularly insensitive to radio interference caused by scattering and reflection effects of metallic objects. They can be fixed to the object permanently for continuous use.

Multiple on metal RFID Tags can be attached by riveting, screwing or gluing as required for different applications.

Ceramic UHF inlays and tags

HUAYUAN can provide ceramic UHF inlays for on metal design and also finished RFID ceramic tags with housing. HUAYUAN ceramic UHF RFID tags are 3mm thick and available in the following dimensions: 20x20mm, 25x25mm, 20x30 mm or any customized dimension.

With perfect dielectric constant of ceramic, the antenna is made of a special silver layer. The maximum reader range is 7.0 meters by a circular polarization reader and antenna (30 dbm). To meet the requirements for a robust industrial application, the ceramic transponder can be embedded in PPS housing. The tag can bear 280 Celsius degree, IP 67 and a 15 kg impact. The final size of PPS ceramic tag is 1’x1’ (25.4x25.4mm)

RFID UHF ceramic tags with housing

RFID ceramic tags with housing are made of ceramic substrate and have a higher performance on metal. High-intensity bonding is applicable to poor working conditions. The superior dielectric ceramic core provides water resistance and resistance to dense liquids. Compared to the ceramic UHF inlay, the special design with housing ensures that the tags can also be read over long distances.

Since it is a metal mount tag, it can be attached to metal surfaces or be embedded into metal assets. HUAYUAN’s ceramic tag has a very small size. It can be embedded in limited space or attached to small items with adhesive.

The RFID ceramic tags with housing can be used for industrial manufacturing, warehouse management, large equipment administration and automobile component administration. Below you will find the relevant information on RFID UHF ceramic tags with housing.

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