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Identiv at the Think WIOT Day Healthcare on May 12th

Monitoring Body Temperature!

Vera Mauerberger, Product Manager, Identiv will be giving a lecture titled "When IoT Meets Wellness: RFID Makes Healthcare Easier, Smarter and Safer" on May 12th.

The focus of Vera Mauerberger's lecture: Using wireless IoT technologies to make healthcare and public life simple, intelligent and safe. On May 12th, learn about Identiv’s flexible digital solutions for authentication, anti-counterfeiting, transfer of patient information, temperature sensing and monitoring, and patient compliance monitoring.

If the following topics interest you, mark your calendars for May 12th. Join the livestream conference „Wireless IoT Solutions in Healthcare“".

Temperature Readings via NFC Sensor

What digital solutions can be used to easily and securely reopen public facilities? Identiv will present the uTrust SafeTemp wearable NFC-enabled measurement patch on May 12th. The solution supports the reopening of public facilities using simplified body temperature measurement.

"Through the patch, body temperature readings are tracked, monitored and stored via NFC sensor. The patch is applied to the upper arm and can be worn for up to seven days. The adhesive is waterproof and gentle to the skin. Via tap with an NFC-enabled smartphone, the measured temperature is transmitted," explains Vera Mauerberger. In public spaces, like theme parks or stadiums, operators can be supported in identifying possible infectious persons. Visitors and staff are likewise protected.

Intelligent Patient Compliance Monitoring

The increase in telemedicine and at-home monitoring requires new solutions to keep patients safe. Identiv’s uTrust Sense SyringeCheck is NFC-enabled smart injectable technology. This syringe dose monitoring solution features a front-end capacitive sensor for syringe fill level measurement (full vs. empty).

The technology serves as a patient compliance monitoring solution that helps clinical studies achieve meaningful and trustworthy trial results and supports insurance companies providing valuable medication programs for patients and ensuring that medication is taken properly.

Be Part of the Experience – Live!

Free participant registration is now open! Register just once and get access to all 2021 Think WIOT Days! Participants who are already registered only need to log-in with their password. The complete program and further information can be found here.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Think WIOT Day Healthcare on May 12th, 2021!

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