In an industrial environment it is easy to mark fabric, leather, felt and rubber webs or tarpaulins, covers, carpets and mats with the modern TextileTag. (Picture: identytag)

Flexible TextileTag for RFID identification of fabric products

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Complete transparency in the logistics chain

With the use of TextileTags and the resulting digital individuality of each product, logistics processes become more transparent. This makes it easy to identify potential weaknesses and make processes faster, smoother and more efficient.

The new TextileTag of Germans manufacturer identytag is ideal for labeling textile materials and products.

Jens Schäfer
Jens Schäfer
Head of internal Sales Department
Bad Berleburg, Germany

Individual solutions for the textile industry and bulk materials logistics

The TextileTag can not only be used in the furniture and clothing industry, but also in an industrial environment to easily mark fabric, leather, felt and rubber webs or tarpaulins, covers, carpets and mats with the modern TextileTag.

In addition, it is also suitable for use on fabric sacks of bulk materials such as grain, coffee, gravel or other granulates. It can even be used to mark textile interiors in automobiles, yachts or public transport to simplify logistical handling.

RFID labels made to measure

The TextileTags are equipped with the latest IC technology and can therefore optimise the processes in logistics, dispatch and retail for all these applications. They can also be used variably with a wide range of hardware systems. Thanks to the robust sandwich construction, the TextileTag can be easily attached by sewing, for example, thus giving the article its digital identity.

Due to the flexible manufacturing processes, it is also possible to adapt the dimensions, the colour and the printing. However, the TextileTags produced on rolls can also be printed with commercially available thermal transfer printers, so that this can only be carried out during the process.

identytag also offers individualisation services tailored to the customer. In detail, this means pre-initialized, sequentially coded or numbered TextileTags which can also be individually printed on request. TextileTags thus cover all user requirements and can be used immediately after delivery.

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