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iDTRONIC's Desktop Reader NEO 2 Now Available With LEGIC

The RFID Desktop Reader NEO 2 LEGIC is an optimal solution for time recording of employees in the home office or in the office. (Image: iDTRONIC)

iDTRONIC's Desktop Reader NEO 2 Now Available With LEGIC

New LEGIC Security Modules for Contactless Solutions!

iDTRONIC's RFID Desktop Reader NEO 2 is now available with LEGIC. The LEGIC RF-Standard provides full read and write access for all LEGIC Prime and Advant transponders, tags and smart cards with Card in Card (CIC) technology of LEGIC Advant type AFS 4096-JP. All communication protocols from ISO 15693, ISO 14443 A + B, Sony Felica and Inside Secure are supported. Due to the integrated SM4200 chip, the Desktop Reader NEO 2 is also able to read UIDs with MIFARE® chip types Classic, Mini, DESFireEV1, Plus S/X, Pro X, Smart MX & Ultralight.

25 Mar 2024 - RFID Handheld Readers & Scanners

Another function is the reading and writing of already segmented LEGIC transponders. Optionally, the RFID Reader is also available with an SM4500 chip for additional segmentation and initialization of LEGIC transponders and the generation of master tokens.

The power consumption of the SM4xxx safety modules from LEGIC can be reduced to a minimum thanks to the patented wake-up function. The LEGIC security modules of 4000 series is the best choice for secure contactless solutions in the enterprise, such as single sign-on, time and attendance or access control. NFC peer-to-peer and communication to Apple Watch and LEGIC Connect enabled Android devices are also supported.

Optionally with HID Mode for Web Applications in Cloud Environments

The HID mode is a keyboard emulation mode. In addition to different UID formats (serial numbers), the RFID reader can also be set to read different parts of the user memory. HID mode is ideal for web applications in heterogeneous IT cloud environments.

Valid Single Sign-On of Personnel and Secure Time Recording

The RFID Desktop Reader NEO 2 LEGIC is an optimal solution for time recording of employees in the home office or in the office. The SM4200 and SM4500 security modules are writable with individual UIDs (serial numbers) on the transponders or tags. This ensures that no unauthorized persons have access to sensitive company data, as only approved UIDs are registered. Login via smartphone, Apple Watch or NFC chip is possible thanks to NFC-HCE and ECP 2.0 support for LEGIC Connect enabled devices.

25 Mar 2024 - NFC | NDEF Desktop Reader – NEO 2

Thanks to the LEGIC technology of the RFID Desktop Reader NEO 2, complicated and confusing management systems are a thing of the past, as time recording is automatically checked when logging on to the PC. For this purpose, employees identify themselves with an RFID transponder or an RFID card directly at the RFID reader. Only after successful tag communication is access to company-internal data and drives enabled, which is indicated via the green LED signal. In addition, the RFID reader supports the fulfillment of an essential requirement of the latest data protection regulations.

Including Configuration Tool and Demo Software

The LEGIC Desktop Reader NEO 2 comes with a configuration tool for Windows systems. It supports the programming language: binary command protocol, VS2005 C++. Using the ConfigTool simplifies and facilitates the connection to your existing systems. Additionally iDTRONIC offer demo videos.

You need a custom firmware for your application? iDTRONIC offers customer specific adaptations to the firmware on request. Contact the experts from iDTRONIC and find out more!

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