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iDTRONIC introduces RFID handheld I-COLLECT 2.0

Picture: iDTRONIC

iDTRONIC introduces RFID handheld I-COLLECT 2.0

Mobile Data Collector in unique Pocket Format!

iDTRONIC's I-COLLECT 2.0 is a mobile 2D Barcode & RFID HF Datacollector. The compact, low-profile design makes the data collector an ideal mobile handheld scanner.

The Bluetooth Interface enables Real-Time Data Transfer. The device can also be used as a local data collector with no active connection.

The scanner’s ease-of-use allows the user to use operate it with just a brief introduction, making it suitable for various application areas: Service, Retail, Stock Management, Asset Tracking, Visitor Registration and Inventory.

The integrated Bluetooth 4.0 Interface enables a wireless connection with a transmission range of up to 15 meters and a transmission power of 20 dBm to PCs, PDAs, or other mobile devices. The device is compatible with all existing Windows, Linux, and Android systems.

The I-COLLECT 2.0 can record up to 1.000 Data Sets. The integrated powerful 1.600 mAH Battery enables 14.000 Scans when battery is fully charged. The battery can be charged via the USB 2.0 port.

The reader is equipped with the RFID HF Option: 13.56 MHz and a 2D Barcode Imager.

The supplied Configuration Tool for Windows, Android and Linux systems enables the direct selection of supported tags and transponders via the software.

The I-COLLECT 2.0 can read the transponder or tag type, set by pressing the control button on the front panel. The integrated LED Light and the Buzzer show a successful tag communication.

The normal Scanning mode transmits the scanned codes directly to a terminal device via keyboard emulation using the Bluetooth Connection. In storage mode the I-COLLECT 2.0 works as a local data collector. The scanned data can then be transferred to a device via the Bluetooth Connection.

The RFID HF Function can access the UID and user memory on the tag or transponder. The 2D Barcode Function supports the reading of different code types.

Application example: department & clothing stores

From small boutiques to large department stores, it is often necessary to quickly change new collections and seasonal items. Apparel stores and department stores need real-time inventory transparency as part of their warehousing operations. As soon as the critical warehouse stock has been reached, a message should be sent to the system.

The I-COLLECT 2.0 is ideally suited for this field of application. The I-COLLECT 2.0 is cost-effective to purchase and has a robust ABS housing. The unique pocket format and the handy design make it easy to carry with you. Optionally, it can be easily and safely transported with an additional available hand strap.

The simple operation by the control button on the front guarantees a safe reading of the attached label or tag on the garment. As soon as a product is scanned, a beep sounds and an LED light appears.

The scanned articles are transmitted in real time via the Bluetooth connection. Alternatively, all data can be scanned and transferred to the system.

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Patrick Kochendörfer
Patrick Kochendörfer
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