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iDTRONIC‘s BLUEBOX MICRO IA UHF - New Product Release: The compact version of our BLUEBOXES. (Picture: iDTRONIC)


The compact version of the BLUEBOXES

The BLUEBOX MICRO IA UHF is a new reading and writing device from the iDTRONIC BLUEBOX line.

The compact and small shape design (12.0 × 12.2 × 3.7 cm) is ideally suited for industrial applications in logistics, robotics or assembly line production.

High reading ranges due to integrated antenna

The BLUEBOX MICRO IA UHF is equipped with an internal antenna. With the antenna, the reader achieves a high reading range of up to 3 meters.

Interface options for various connections

The reader has an RS-232 COM interface. This serial port is ideally suited for connection to monitors, POS terminals, measuring instruments or printers. Furthermore, the device is equipped with an RS-485 interface. The asynchronous serial connection is suitable for data communication over long distances. It is a bidirectional bus system that can be operated with up to 128 devices on one bus.

Excellent technical prerequisites for your application

The reader is equipped with the industrial M12 connector and has a power supply of 10 – 36 volts. The output line is up to 27 dBm / 500 mW. The power can be regulated from 10 dBm in 1 dBm steps. The reader is ideally suited for automation processes within various applications.

Ultra-high frequency with a variety of supported tags

The reader is standard equipped with the UHF frequency 865 – 868 MHz (ETSI). Optionally, the reader can also be operated with a UHF frequency of 902 – 928 MHz (FCC). Both frequencies support the ISO 18000-6C standard (EPC Class 1 Generation 2) with the tags Alien Higgs 2/3/4, Impinj Monza, NXP UCODE and many more.

Application example: Automated automotive manufacturing

The BLUEBOX MICRO IA UHF reader is ideal for industrial 4.0 automation processes in automotive production. The different production steps within a manufacturing process require robust and flexible devices that can be easily integrated.

The BLUEBOX MICRO IA UHF may be optimally integrated into this process thanks to its compact design. The production of an automobile comprises an integrated process, having different requirements at each production step. From the foundry to the paint shop, high temperatures require the use of heat-resistant equipment. Thanks to its IP65 protection class, the BLUEBOX MICRO IA UHF is ideally suited for this purpose. The reader can withstand temperatures from - 40 °C up to + 85 °C without any problems.

The reader can be easily mounted through prefabricated drill holes - even outside the production line. Thanks to the large 3-meter reading range, the parts can be assigned contact-free within the chassis production up to the exterior equipment.

The material flow within the production of a motor vehicle requires flexibility and robustness. The BLUEBOX MICRO IA UHF can be used to optimally allocate the various variants. The detection of several screws or threads is guaranteed by bulk detection.

A user-friendly software development kit (SDK), and configuration tool, for Windows operating systems, are provided as well as an operating system-independent command protocol. Further adjustments to the firmware and hardware are possible on request and project basis.

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