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iDTRONIC Launches New Generation of RFID Modules


iDTRONIC Launches New Generation of RFID Modules

iDTRONICs Embedded UHF Readers M600 | M620 | M650 Facilitate Industry 4.0

iDTRONIC, Europe’s leading supplier of embedded RFID modules, has developed and released a new series of high-performance UHF (840 – 960 MHz) RFID reader modules. Based on the new generation of IMPINJ E310 and E710 reader chips, these modules have been developed with current Industry 4.0 and IoT trends in mind. Regardless of the application environment, be it tracing assets in industrial processes or identifying merchandise in a retail store, these three modules offer enormous flexiblilty and reliability.

25 Mar 2024 - RFID Handheld Readers & Scanners

The Enhanced “Heart” of iDTRONIC UHF Modules:


  • Good sensitivity and up to 7 dB better receive sensitivity over previous models for reliable performance in proximity uses
  • Up to 50% lower chip power consumption, supporting battery-powered, energy-efficient IoT devices


  • Superior sensitivity and up to 4 dB better receive sensitivity over previous models for reliable performance in new and emerging uses 
  • Up to 50% lower chip power consumption, supporting battery-powered, energy-efficient IoT devices

The compact form designs (incl. SMD), high reading rates of ≥900 tags/s and powerful RF outputs of 30-33 dBm are just a few reasons why these embedded modules are ideal for industrial automation and can be seamlessly integrated into machines, devices or assembly lines. In addition, they support EPC UHF Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-63) protocol tags as well as 98% of UHF transponders on the market.

All 4-Ports in One, One Module For [M650]

The M650 UHF reader module from iDTRONIC is specially designed for highly accurate performance. With four antenna ports, this module provides flexibility as well as stable operation, even in harsh environments. The 4-Port RFID module is based on the IMPINJ E710 chip, compact in size, low in power consumption, and high in stability. It is also resistant to electromagnetic interference and good at heat dispersion.

The module is particularly well-suited for challenging industries like warehousing, logistics, apparel, production lines and the like. This high-performance reader module makes it faster for users to read multiple UHF RFID tags in a crowded environment and ensures consistency in tag reads. Furthermore, the M650 complies with both European and US regulatory requirements, simplifying global operations.

Dynamite Design For Handheld Devices, Printers & Machines [M620]

This M620 RFID unit provides developers with easy control through our SDK, allowing complex tag operations to be executed using simple but powerful pre-configured commands, which is suitable for devices used in various applications such as RFID tag printers, ATMs, anti-counterfeiting equipment, and warehouse management tools.

25 Mar 2024 - NFC | NDEF Desktop Reader – NEO 2

The M620 is designed for RFID handheld readers or tag writing devices. It features high sensitivity, an anti-conflict mechanism, multi-tag reading, and MMCX antenna interface, along with other functions. The unit’s slim form factor makes it ideal for easy integration into lightweight and mobile devices as well as other OEM applications. The reader module features the IMPINJ E710 reader chip, enabling read rates of up to 900 tags per second.

Application Example: SMD Production [M600]

The RFID UHF module M600 is especially suitable for SMD production processes. On request, iDTRONIC also offer this UHF module on Tape & Reel. SMD components are suitable for SMT (Surface Mount Technology) placement systems. These robot systems were developed especially for SMD components. They are used for precise placement of integrated circuits on printed circuit boards. These in turn are used in computers as well as industrial, medical, automotive, military and telecommunications equipment.

A placement head usually vacuums a RFID module out of the tape & reel, checks the position by means of a camera system, calculates the angle and position, and places the RFID module on the PCB. The RFID module is then soldered onto the circuit board.

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