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iDTRONIC moves into the Technology Mile of Ludwigshafen

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iDTRONIC moves into the Technology Mile of Ludwigshafen

Interview with owner Roger Kochendörfer!

When Roger Kochendörfer became a start-up company in 2003 with iDTRONIC GmbH in the TZL, it was not yet foreseeable to what extent the company‘s RFID-based products would find their way into our lives in the future: RFID readers, RFID tags, embeddable RFID modules and antennas or tripod barriers, locker locks as well as transponders such as membership cards, wristbands and keyfobs – iDTRONIC supports numerous applications in industry, logistics, trade, automation as well as the leisure and entertainment sector with its RFID solutions.

Thanks to a leading market position in this future-oriented industry and the need to continue to grow, the conditions were now ideal to move into our own property. The new building in Ludwig-Reichling-Strasse covers 620 m2 , 150 m2 of which are the warehouse and workshop. In addition to offices and meeting rooms, there is also a showroom.

Interview by Maria Mahler, Marketing Professional RFID at iDTRONIC.

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iDTRONIC was located in the TZL since its foundation in 2003. With what feeling you look back on the past 17 years and how far the location has supported the development of the company?

The first 17 years of the iDTRONIC history were characterized by the founding spirit in the company. All colleagues were fascinated by this new technology and the potential applications of RFID products. With our offices in the TZL we were among like-minded people, which gave us additional inspiration. We were able to grow flexibly and add new premises. Our focus was to implement our product ideas and conquer our market position.

What were the reasons for the move?

For one thing, after 17 years we have not really been a start-up company anymore. Typically, new companies only stay in the CTA for a maximum of 6-7 years. But between the TZL and us, it just fitted. On the other hand, in the end we had no chance to grow in the TZL. The step into our own real estate was therefore given.

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What are the characteristics of the new location? What are the main advantages you see?

After it was already very tight in the TZL at the end, we have almost doubled the space available to us with our new company building. This was also urgently necessary. We can now work better and have the opportunity to grow further. If the current status is not sufficient, the building has additional potential through an expansion reserve.

How did your employees perceive the first weeks in the new company building? What advantages do you see in the new location for internal processes and teamwork?

We have designed our new company building very nice and homely. We have created a feel-good factor that is very well received by our employees. They like coming into the company, which naturally has a positive effect on their work.

In addition, we are lucky that we were able to include measures against the spread of the Covid-19 virus during the construction phase. In our workplaces and in our work with each other, we have implemented the latest findings in this area for the safety of our employees.

To what extent does the current corona pandemic affect your daily business? What risks/chances do you see for your company and the RFID industry?

The current development naturally also affects iDTRONIC. We supply Customers in the field of automobile production and their suppliers. Furthermore, we are very strongly represented with our products in the fitness and leisure sectors. The difficulties in these areas naturally also reach us. We try to support our customers in this situation in the best possible way.

At the same time, the current pandemic also brings new potential. We see increased demand in the areas of access control and security technology. This will be strong and we are currently increasingly developing new innovative products that meet the new challenges.

Overall, we are very well positioned for this situation with our RFID products.

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Patrick Kochendörfer
Patrick Kochendörfer
Senior Product Manager
Ludwigshafen, Germany
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Benjamin Pfeiffer
Business Development IoT, iDTRONIC Wireless IoT
Ludwigshafen, Germany
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