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iDTRONIC's BLUEBOX RFID Embed-ded UHF Module Series

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iDTRONIC optimizes BLUEBOX RFID Embedded UHF Module Series

Proven RFID built-in Electronics with new Firmware Features

iDTRONIC, the leading supplier of embeddable RFID modules, has optimized its BLUEBOX RFID Embedded UHF Module Series.

The powerful embedded RFID readers are available in three different versions: The M800, the M900 and the M950 RFID module. These are equipped with TTL or RS232 interfaces.

The module series is a proven embedded RFID series perfect for a variety of applications within large industrial automation processes or logistics environments.

18 Jul 2022 - iDTRONIC Expands Business Activities to New Areas

iDTRONIC‘s Unique Special Features

The Embedded RFID UHF Modules operate in the UHF Frequency range from 840 to 960 MHz. They support the EPC C1 GEN2 | ISO 18000-6C Standard and can be used globally. Commands can be sent to Monza 4QT RFID chips or sensor data can be retrieved from the Magnus S2/S3 chip.

The transmission power of the RFID embedded UHF modules is adjustable adaptively. In addition, two combined inputs and outputs may be set variably. The modules are equipped with two pin headers and may be easily integrated by soldering. On request, we offer a version without pin headers.

New Firmware Features

The automatic detection of transponders has been upgraded.

Two different speeds may be selected for continuous detection. The data is sent as BLUEBOX telegram or in ASCII format. It is also possible to read further data from any memory bank. For example: product name, batch number, temperature or storage location may be output automatically.

Our Solution for Near Field Applications: BLUEBOX RFID Embedded Module M800

13 Jun 2022 - iDTRONIC Focuses on the Development of Embedded RFID

The RFID Embedded Reader M800 is the smallest module among the BLUEBOX embedded readers. This version has a transmission power of up to +20 dBm with reading ranges of up to 1.5 meters. It is ideally suited for near-field applications in warehouses. The module can be upgraded with an external U.FL Antenna.

Reliable Identification on the Assembly Line: BLUEBOX RFID Embedded Module M900

The RFID Embedded Reader M900 is the mid-sized module among the BLUEBOX RFID Embedded Readers. This version has a transmission power of up to +27 dBm with reading ranges of up to 5.5 meters. It is ideally suited for applications within industrial production lines. The module can be upgraded with an external U.FL Antenna.

Performance Combined with Compact Design: BLUEBOX RFID Embedded Module M950

The RFID Embedded Reader M950 is the most powerful module of the BLUEBOX RFID Embedded Reader line. This version has a transmission power of up to +30 dBm with reading ranges of up to 10 meters. It is ideally suited for applications in industrial automation processes. The module can be upgraded with 4 external U.FL Antennas.

Upgrade and Optimization with UHF Antennas

Each of our BLUEBOX RFID Embedded Modules can work with a variety of external antennas. We offer a wide range of compatible U.FL Antennas. The compact dimensions of the antennas are especially designed for the small embedded modules. By integrating an external antenna, the maximum reading ranges of the RFID embedded modules can be achieved without any problems.

iDTRONIC's Key Features

Our RFID Embedded UHF Module are certified to RED, RoHS 3, REACH, FCC und CE. The BLUEBOX RFID Embedded Modules are supplied with a Software Development Kit for Windows systems. This supports the programming languages: C++ and C# Command Protocol.

Using the SDK simplifies the connection to your existing systems. Our BLUEBOX Show shows you the different functions of our Embedded Modules to make the setup and commissioning easier for you.

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Patrick Kochendörfer
Patrick Kochendörfer
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