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iDTRONIC Presents New HF Mid-Range Module M500

Compact integrated module with SMA antenna

The HF Mid-Range M500 is a new integrated module and extends our proven embedded module series. It is small and compact, with dimensions of only 10.95 × 6.0 × 1.7 cm. The integrated SMA antenna port can be connected to a variety of HF antennas. The HF Mid-Range M500 module is suitable for many applications in industrial automation, retail or access control.

Excellent technical specs

The Embedded HF Mid-Range M500 module is equipped with a 15 Vdc power supply. The various interface options such as TTL, RS232, USB or Ethernet are perfectly adapted to many applications within industry and retail.

Bulk reading for a variety of supported tags

The embedded module is equipped with the 13.56 MHz HF frequency. The module can read tags and transponders with the Standard ISO15693 and ISO18000-3 with a reading range of up to 40 cm. The integrated anti-collision function can read up to 30 tags or transponders simultaneously.

Software development kit & Windows configuration tool

An user-friendly software development kit (SDK) and configuration tool for Windows operating systems is provided as well as an operating system-independent command protocol. Further adjustments of firmware and hardware are possible on request and project basis.

Application example: industrial automation

The Embedded HF Mid-Range Module M500 can be implemented within industrial automation processes. Robot arms or an entire automated process can be controlled with this compact embedded module.

On long automation lines accurate identification of components for an end-product is paramount. RFID technology allows an individual transponder to be attached to each component. This ensures that the right part is provided for the product in each section of automation. Failures and incorrect product combinations are thus avoided.

If a product requires several screws, the HF Mid-Range Module M500 identifies these in the scope of up to 30 pieces per bulk acquisition. This saves time within the production process.

Additionally, he module is suited for demanding environments with High temperatures, such as welding shops. The HF Mid-Range Module M500 can withstand temperatures of up to +80 °C without any problem.

The data of the transponder on the product is automatically stored for statistical purposes. Evaluating transponder data often leads to increased efficiency within warehousing.

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Patrick Kochendörfer
Patrick Kochendörfer
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Ludwigshafen, Germany
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