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RFID & Wireless IoT Global, Issue 03/2022 - Publication date: September 14th, 2022
Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022, Exhibition & Conference, on October 19th & 20th in Wiesbaden (near Frankfurt Airport), Germany
Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022, Exhibition & Conference, on October 19th & 20th in Wiesbaden (near Frankfurt Airport), Germany 23 Get your ticket today!
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RFID Desktop Reader EVO HF 2.0 with Dual-Interface USB 3.0


RFID Desktop Reader EVO HF 2.0 with Dual USB 3.0 Interface


Adjustable Data Output easier than ever with our Quick Start Guide and our Live Demo!

Latest Industry 4.0 and IoT Applications require modern, optimized interfacing. Advanced technologies require valid and established systems and communication options.

iDTRONIC's EVO Desktop Reader HF 2.0 is an RFID Reader & Writer which combines the latest technology with proven standards.

12 Sep 2022 - iDTRONIC Optimizes BLUEBOX UHF RFID Systems

STATE-OF-THE-ART technology

The integrated Dual USB 3.0 Interface connects to modern devices and systems. This communication option is equipped with an adjustable data output.

The device can be operated and used in HID (Human Interface Device) Mode as well as in VCP (Virtual ComPort) Mode.

This provides a unique, complete solution in one device. In order to meet your individual customer needs, we provide a user-friendly Software Development Kit (SDK) and Configuration Tool for Windows, Linux, MAC and Android operating systems.

Our Quick Start Guide and Demo Video facilitates the configuration and setup of your systems by means of your software.

HID Modus ( = Read only with keyboard emulation)

19 Aug 2022 - IoT Asset Tracking with the Asset Tracker TrackMini from iDTRONIC

In HID Mode, user data from the supported transponders can be retrieved as Keyboard Emulation. The computer functions as an input device and outputs read-in data in the desired output format. The configuration can be done using the provided Windows Configuration Tool.

The tool has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. The Reader is, therefore, particularly suitable for use in web-based cloud environments within information technology.

Prevent data decay and optimise the reading of data from your member or employee ID cards!

The successful recognition of data on transponders is essential for the correct assignment. The Reader can read serial number formats, membership numbers, names and other data. The memory areas of the reader support different file formats like HEX (MSB), DEC (MSB), HEX (LSB), DEC (LSB) or ASCII or may be arbitrarily defined.

The transponder receives unique user data. As soon as a member or employee shows his card and you read it in, you have direct access to the user data.

VCP Modus ( = Read & Write)

The VCP Mode provides full read and write access for all supported transponders. The device can be operated on different Windows operating systems via the demo software, sample source codes and a USB driver. Operating systems such as Linux, MAC or Android are supported via a serial command protocol and a virtual COM interface based on a Silicon Labs chipset.

It is designed for Industry 4.0 Applications and can be easily integrated into any operating system.

Overcome your data chaos and equip your transponders and cards with a unique user ID for your member or staff.

Writing your cards is very easy with our demo software. The Virtual ComPort mode allows you to define unique user IDs, membership numbers and member data for a card or transponder. The defined number occurs only once and is only assigned to one person. This avoids the assignment of the same User IDs to several persons.

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Patrick Kochendörfer
Patrick Kochendörfer
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Ludwigshafen, Germany
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Benjamin Pfeiffer
Business Development IoT, iDTRONIC Wireless IoT
Ludwigshafen, Germany
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