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E-magazine RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 02/2022

IOT technologies used in logistics & supply chain

Speed, reliability, efficient use of energy and 100 percent quality assurance are the key requirements in modern logistics processes. RFID & Wireless IoT applications create sustainable solutions for almost every link in the supply chain. Industry insiders and process owners share their knowledge here.

As part of the supply chain management, logistics management is a complex field that includes operations in the material handling, inventory and warehouse monitoring, transportation, security, production, and packaging.

Distribution logistics are focused on efficient movement of a finished product, specifically delivering goods from production to the end-customer. Tracking systems based on wireless technologies like RFID, LPWAN, or GPS in warehouses and transport vehicles monitor goods and provide information about location, availability, status, and destination. Sensitive products (that have to be cooled or heated during transit) can be monitored with sensors that alert personnel if, for example, a certain temperature cannot be maintained.

Intralogistics are concerned with handling and processing material goods before distribution to the end-customer (in a warehouse or distribution centre). Organisation and automation of processes can be achieved with wireless technologies (for example, RFID) that offer smart labeling solutions, remote monitoring, and technical support.

Sequencing can become automated through a combination of transponders and readers and a smart assembly line. This leads to a reduction of error-prone, time-consuming manual labour and increases productivity. Documentation and analytical reports can become automated processes via cloud information.


RFID-controlled Supply Chain Reduces Overproduction and Inventory Deficits.
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