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E-magazine RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 02/2022

IOT Technologies in Smart Cities

An increasing number of cities are using LPWAN networks. Sensors monitor soil moisture near city trees and green zones. Traffic and parking management is optimized with RFID, and traffic lights are adapted to the flow of traffic with WIoT technology.

Building management uses BLE, WiFi and sensor technology. Public transport uses BLE and NFC for mobile ticketing solutions. Lighting and waste management systems are controlled with LPWAN transmitted data. Recycling machines with RFID and NFC are placed next to conventional waste containers.

Parking Management

The City of Vienna has introduced the RFID-enabled "Wiener Parkpickerl" and declared the whole of Vienna a short-stay parking zone.

Lisbon is paving the way to the smart city: Research by Nuno Cruz, Nuno Cota and João Tremoceiro has enabled the deployment of a city-wide LoRa-network that universally integrates all individual public service networks.
University of Porto

The Porto metropolitan area has a new mobile ticketing solution: University of Porto researchers Marta Campos Ferreira, Teresa Galvão Dias and João Falcão e Cunha have developed a system that uses both NFC & BLE technology.
Kathrein Solutions

Christian Schnebinger discusses solutions and wireless IoT technologies in the smart city, automotive identification with RAIN RFID, and urban mobility.
RFID & Wireless IoT Global

Lecture videos of the Think WIOT Day "Smart City" are available! Simply register free of charge* and be fully informed.
NXP Semiconductors

With secure RAIN RFID, each communication is based on a new computation and is therefore different every time the tag and the reader communicate.
NYC, Paris & More

Wireless Sensing or Wireless Sensor Network?
Egyptian Ministry of Interior

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior relies on comprehensive vehicle identification throughout the country: Traffic management and vehicle registration are digitally supported.
Think Wireless IoT

The Smart City project 'SMARTinfeld' in Martinfeld, Thuringia, comprises IoT applications in the fields of street lighting, waste container level measurement, soil and water quality.
Think Wireless IoT

Santander uses sensor-based solutions throughout the city. All captured data is managed via a central platform and made available to numerous applications and stakeholders as needed.
Think Wireless IoT

A contactless and secure vehicle identification system based on encrypted UHF RFID technology has been integrated into the Moscow City complex.

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