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Introducing ITL’s 360RFID Solution

Introducing our NEW RFID Solution: 360RFID!

RFID adoption is fast becoming a business-critical requirement with more and more retailers acknowledging its ability to help them significantly reduce operating costs and drive up full-price sales. Furthermore, with consumers now having access to greater choice and information, retailers must manage their product availability.

RFID is an essential driver for this as well as enabling greater operational efficiencies around stock-take functions, reduced fraudulent returns and richer customer experiences.

To ensure a successful RFID journey, the retailer must work with an experienced partner with a proven track record. Global apparel labelling manufacturer ITL, is this partner. Not only does the retailer receive ITL’s extensive labelling industry knowledge and expertise but they also benefit from their new RFID solution.

360RFID is an integrated RFID solution that ensures a seamless adoption process and continues to generate maximum benefits for the retailer throughout their RFID journey. The best part is that 360RFID can be used by anyone. Whether the customer is new to RFID or has already embarked on an RFID journey, the solution can support them at any stage.

“ITL’s 360RFID Solution is a concept that we’ve been building on for some time now. We identified that to run a successful RFID programme, retailers need three critical components: the RFID tags, the hardware to scan them and the software application to communicate between the labels, the hardware and the data. Our 360RFID Solution bundles all three of these components to create a single integrated solution, providing control, efficiency and a single point of contact for the retailer from a single RFID partner”, says ITL COO Chris Currie. 

The solution can also be applied across all stages of the retailer’s RFID journey. From proof of concept (POC) phase to piloting through to the retailer’s full adoption and roll-out, ITL offers full support with its team of specialists including project managers, print specialists and software developers. At POC phase, this solution is particularly beneficial as it allows the retailer to establish if RFID has a place in their business without having to worry about various integration issues from multiple providers. It also allows for faster wide-scale adoption once the case is proven. 

Your labels in safe hands 

With over 15 years of RFID experience, ITL has identified which products and services work best, where opportunities lie and how to realise these. They offer a wide range of inlay options designed for specific applications such as apparel, cosmetics, metals and liquids. Their extensive converting facilities means they can also supply finished labels in various form factors including stickers, swing tickets and sew in labels. They also own their test equipment which makes it very easy for them to find the right inlay for the right applications for their customers.

Finally, by equipping all their factories globally with print and encoding facilities, they can provide global source tagging. This minimises implementation cost and processes as well as realising RFID adoption benefits at a much earlier stage in the supply chain. 

Your labels is your brand, put it in safe hands.

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