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Optimizing the Supply Chain from the Point of Manufacture!

ITL’s source tagging solution streamlines the manufacturing process in fashion retail and logistics. The integration of RFID labels at the point of manufacture provides benefits for the entire supply chain.

Optimized Inventory Management, Shipping and Customer Experience

With the use of an RFID scanner, staff are able to easily locate, track and identify tagged shipments, improving both inventory and shipping accuracy at all stages of the supply chain. Source tagging is more efficient compared to implementing RFID tags at a later stage. The result: a fully optimized supply chain from start to finish with high-accuracy and time-efficient tracking of assets.

Providing Global RFID Expertise in Fashion Retail and Logistics

RFID tags are printed and encoded at one of ITL’s 21 worldwide sites, ensuring rapid delivery into all global markets. Tags are printed and encoded with customer-specific UPC and EPC information, distributed to manufacturers and applied prior to item shipping. ITL’s vertically integrated manufacturing of RFID tags provides RFID inlays in various forms, such as swing-tickets, stickers and sewn-in.

“We’ve built our business model based on global delivery to enable source tagging, build trust and simplify the lives of our customers”, says Chris Currie, CEO of the ITL Group. “We make sure that their garments arrive on time, with their brand identity intact and their supply chains optimized.”

LabelVantage™ Online Platform Enables Quick and Easy Ordering and Delivery

Specialized RFID tags are only a few clicks away: ITL’s online ordering platform LabelVantage™ integrates six modules to deliver inlays that are tailored to the customers’ needs. Customer-specific label and coding requirements are entered and presented in an intuitive online ordering service. Orders are processed via ITL’s global network of printing and service locations.

Contact ITL to learn more about how source tagging solutions could be implemented at your manufacturing site to optimize your logistics, shipping and inventory accuracy.

Check out the video here!

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