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Optimizing Item Availability, Shopper Experience and Loss Prevention in Retail with RFID!

The ITL Group has identified three key components for a successful RFID implementation: the RFID tags and inlays themselves, the hardware to scan the tags, and the software to communicate between labels, scanners, and data. The 360RFID solution by ITL Group provides a full coverage of all of these aspects from project planning up to and including the final RFID rollout with specialists in project management, printing and software development to create a seamless integration process.

Guiding RFID Projects Starting from the Proof of Concept

The ITL Group is able to draw upon 15 years of experience in the field of RFID. As part of the 360RFID Solution, the ITL Group conducts ROI calculations, pilot testing and tag evaluation for RFID projects. The ITL Group’s portfolio of RFID tags includes inlays in various forms, such as swing tickets, stickers and sewn-in, ensuring that the right tag and reader hardware is chosen for each application and the RFID adoption process is as seamless as possible.

Global Delivery of RFID Tags Enables Source Tagging

The 360RFID Solution is connected to the ITL Group’s printing offices. Tags are printed and encoded at 21 sites worldwide, allowing rapid delivery into all global markets as well as the source tagging of items. In-house testing equipment checks the functionality of the RFID inlays, providing customers with reliable tags. Using source tagging, customers are able to tag products in the manufacturing process, ensuring high levels of traceability and visibility of assets throughout the entire supply chain.

Software and Cloud Solutions Optimize Stock Management

The ReflectRFID software from the ITL Group included in the 360RFID Solution enables retailers to count item stocks more efficiently. Goods are tracked and validated when received in a store. High levels of inventory accuracy are achieved. New RFID tags can be ordered via the LabelVantage online platform, providing retailers with a simple way of communicating label and coding requirements for streamlined RFIDintegration.

“With ITL’s 360RFID Solution, our customers are able to obtain all of their labeling and packaging solutions on a seamless basis, no matter where they want them in the world”, explains Chris Currie, COO, ITL Group. “Through our 15 years of experience, we have identified which products work best, which services work best as well the pitfalls and the opportunities and how to realize a successful RFID implementation.”

Check out the video here!

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